My stress, heartache and struggles - Tara Hammett

My stress, heartache and struggles

Last night we had the first
Life TARAnsformer meeting
For everyone…including me…
I started off.
My heart was in my throat
I was nervous
I was SCARED that I was going to
Give in to the choked
Feeling and the tears would start
And I did it for a reason.
I would never expect anyone to do something I’m
Not prepared to do.
So I got the ball rolling.
I shared with everyone EXACTLY what
I’ve been through over the past 2 months.
What REALLY has been going on behind the
Girl that jokes around on Facebook with
CRAZY leggings on.
What REALLY has been going on behind the girl
That sends an email every day to help inspire others
What REALLY has been going on in real Life?
The moment I may have Saved my Dad’s Life…
The bereavement and representing my family in my Grannie’s funeral…
Watching the effects of STRESS take over the STRONGEST woman I Look up to – My Mum
My Heartache….
Living in 5 different places so far this year…
I’ve had OBSTACLES too
It’s not really all unicorns and sparkles
As it was our first meeting I wanted
Everyone to get REAL with themselves.
Get right down to those RAW feeling
Of why they even CARE.
What do they really want?
Weight Loss? Maybe
Feel fitter? Maybe
Or to STOP those horrible feelings?
We ALL talked about them…and I KNOW you’ll have
Those feelings too.
We all get vulnerable.
WE were online for over an hour
But what and amazing feeling after.
I’m so excited to work with the Life TARAnsformer
Team over the next 12 weeks and help thme do
MORE than lose weight.
I’m going to help them find HAPPINESS,
Find their CONFIDENCE again
And I’m going to be helping them DAILY with
The exact rituals I’ve followed every day to help keep me
OPTIMISTIC and STRONG when life has
Slapped me in the face.
The Life TARAnsformer is full now
But like I said to the girls in the
LIVE Class this morning…
That meeting was
I want to do another one.
Where I invite ANYONE that
has done one of my TARAnsformer
programs to join in whilst I share
my story and help EMPOWER you
to change your life too.
The girls in the class were totally up for it
Well…..they were when they liked me
this morning before the class started.
I hit them with a bonus round this morning
He he ha ha ho ho
I’m sure they love me for that now,
They didn’t at the time though.
Would you fancy joining the class
And moving away from those negative feelings of
Not liking yourself and pushing loved ones away
Because of it?
You can join the LIVE Class NOW
Fill out the application and I’ll get
On the phone with you.
There’s the link for you
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I’m recording my Podcast later today. Listen out for more inspiration xx
  • September 1, 2015