My Pre Indulgence Plan - Tara Hammett

My Pre Indulgence Plan

So Friday night is party night and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing!

I’m so excited to be going along to the National Fitness Awards in Manchester for an incredible event where I’m lucky to have been shortlisted in the Personal Trainer of the Year category.

Last year was awesome, it got me and Justin all excited for the festive season, so I’m delighted we’re both going again.

Many of us will be having a party of event that we’ll be looking forward to and there will certainly be some alcohol, luxury foods and desserts.

(I’m soooooo a dessert person)

So on the day of the party this is what I’ll be doing:

I’ll do a tough workout using as many muscle groups as possible and lifting heavy. I’ll push hard with the aim of depleting energy stores. This way the extra calories can be used up for muscle building and not storing on my hips!

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I’ll drink plenty of water in between my drinks. So I’m still sipping away but preventing major ‘wine flu’ the next day (hangovers are the second phase of fat burning sabotage, as all you can do is think of stodge).

I will drink alcohol but I’ll be sensible with a few glasses of vodka & soda with a big wedge of lime (and maybe a glass of bubbles)

I won’t eat bread or potatoes, as starches don’t bother me. I used to go for them but I worked on changing my habits a long time ago and It’s easy to avoid now. I say to myself ‘You’ve tried it before, no big deal!’ and I’d honestly rather sharing a drink with my hubby & friends.

I will however, try the dessert. That’s my thing. I probably wont eat it all as there’s nothing worse than feeling bloated in a nice fitting frock!

Ooh….and I’ll throw a few moves around the dancefloor!

So if you’ve got a calorie laden party coming your way, get a tough workout done a few hours before and be mindful of your decisions.

I often say to clients there’s 3 devils

Choose one….not all three!!

Keep fit & fab!

Tara x

Tara Hammett