My Nerves, My Fear - Tara Hammett

My Nerves, My Fear

I get scared too!
I’m not immune to feeling nervous and anxious.
Just like I’m not immune to putting on weight.
Likewise, I’m not immune to feeling
sadness, anger and upset.
All of those feelings are inside us.
Today I stood in front of a room packed full
of teachers are the ABM Healthy Schools event
in Swansea.
I wasn’t going to go down the:
‘Kids shouldn’t eat turkey twizzlers”
“Kids should do P.E’
I wanted to launch myself like
a big sparkly bomb, into the middle
of them all and inspire THEM.
Not as teachers to go back
and tell the rest of the schools
what ‘Should’ be happening,
but to inspire THEM personally.
Create a ripple effect that touches them
personally, and hopefully will encourage them
to be really enthusiastic about taking action
towards their health goals and thus
spreading the motivation.
I was nervous.
Even though I’ve done these things many times,
I still felt the pressure.
I explain more in my video,
but my main message to you today is.
If an opportunity comes your way,
GRAB IT, say yes
If there’s something you want to do
for yourself, GRAB IT..take action on it.
If you want to lose weight, feel more confident
and get your energy back, I have
an opportunity for you
^^^ GRAB IT! ^^^
Once you get over the nerves of doing something new,
it soon becomes an incredible experience.
I want you to feel the same.
7 days with me could be that life changing thing you need!
Keep Fit & Fab
Tara xx
P.S Chocolate sprout ROCK!!!!! I’ll now be visiting more schools to
share some healthy love…the ripple is growing xx
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  • November 10, 2015