My 600kCal Feast - Tara Hammett

My 600kCal Feast

Last night I got a text:
‘Babe, Fancy a healthy buffet and we watch the football?xxx’
Perfect – time for me to get something together that will be healthy, we can sit on the settee watching the footy and I can share what I do with you.
So I created a little feast which was super easy, cheap and we had 2 courses for approx 600kCals.
In the supermarket I grabbed a load of meat which was 3 for £10
Can you do better – yes of course. I could have got everything fresh and marinaded and mixed and spent more time on it but I didn’t want to do that.
I wanted minimal effort so I grabbed Chicken and chorizo skewers (108kCals each),
Chilli and mango chicken fillets (44kCals per fillet)
Thai Fishcakes (87 kCals)
All high in protein.
I picked up a lower fat humus and had some cucumber & peppers in the house.
I also picked up a Halo Top Icecream. It’s low cal and higher protein ice cream. I hadn’t tried it before so thought this was the perfect time.
The meat all went in the oven,
The veggies were chopped in minutes and there wasn’t any mess.

I did a little bit of finding out (we all need to do this, but so often can’t be bothered).

I worked out that

  • 1 Skewer
  • 2 Fish cakes
  • 2 Fillets
  • A big teaspoon of humus with the veggies and Half a tub of the cookie dough ice cream came to approx 600kCals

As it was high in protein I felt full and satisfied
My man was happy as he had food, footy and we were chilling on the settee together
WINNERS (shame about the footy result though)
Would more meal ideas like this be something you’d want more of?
Minimal work
Calories all worked out????
Let me know!
Also, do you remember the ‘One You’ campaign that was launched earlier in the year?

​The campaign recommends following a daily split of

  • 400kCals for breakfast
  • 600kCals for lunch
  • 600kCals for dinner
  • A big teaspoon of humus with the veggies and Half a tub of the cookie dough ice cream came to approx 600kCals

so my little feast idea would be perfect as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle!
Get trying

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She wants to lose 19lbs to be at her goal so I’ve sent her a little plan so she can get to her goal by 20th September!!
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  • July 12, 2018