**Miss Hammett Reporting For Duty** - Tara Hammett

**Miss Hammett Reporting For Duty**

Look at them ^^^^^


But first, my day in school yesterday.

Continuing with my Tara Tour of the schools, helping to
spread a little inspiration across the younger generation,
I went back to where it all started for me.

Bishop Vaughan School.

Nothing has changed….even after almost 20 years,
some of the same teachers are there.

I absolutely loved spending the day there.

Over today and tomorrow I’m doing 8 workshops with Year 9.

Before I went up I knew there was a rapid decline in girls taking part in
P.E in school and as expected……so many girls had their notes not to take part and
to sit at the side and watch.

So I started each session with a little talk about what I do,
The training side of my job,
The nutrition advice I give and
How I help others believe in themselves.

They all loved joining in.

The boys loved sport, the girls didn’t

They all loved junk food, yet by the end many were fascinated with
what I eat and what could they have for lunch that was healthy.

So many said their Mums and other family members are always ‘on a diet’,
but they don’t do anything.

All typical things that I went there expecting.

But there was one BIG thing I was hoping for.

To inspire and encourage every one in every workshop to join in.

In each class they were warmed up and the main exercise of the
day was a 12 minute TARAnsformer workout.

‘Only 12 minutes Miss!’


That was all, it wasn’t long for me to try and maintain their

I got a few “ahhh….WHAT!?!” when they still had more
exercise to do

(Lol – unlucky kids – ha h a)


In EVERY SINGLE CLASS I got EXACTLY what I was hoping for.

I caught a glimpse of a little hand go up in the corner of my eye

“Miss….can we join in ?”

“Yes of course, please do”


The ones on the side fancied a bit of the action.

THAT was mission accomplished.

I wanted them all to see that exercise can be fun,

It’s not all about sport.

Yes it’s FAB, but my message is about health, fitness,
confidence, enjoying what you do, loving your life.

And for all those girls that didn’t want to be seen exercsining
in front of others.

The ones dying of embarrasement

Cringing at the school kit.

I wanted them to know that they could do all this
in the privacy of their own home.

Even in their bedroom.

They all love social media and I let them know all about
the free workouts that can get form my page.

The free recipes they could have and show their family

The free groups they can join in and see what others do.

It all plants a little seed to get them thinking more and then hopefully
doing more for their health.

And that’s my mission with you.

Only – my job with you should be easier.

Being older and wiser than the 14/15 year olds I was with yesterday,
You should understand MORE the responsibility of looking after your own health

You are in control of the food shopping and preparing healthier meals.

You’ve just got o do the work.

Just like I plant the seed about my inner circle which is helping so
many stay accountable to reach their body goals.

I want to hear from you

“Tara , can i join in?”


And you can join in ANY DAY at ANY TIME.

Only YOU can do it for you.

And it’s as simple as clicking on the link below


Are you ready to join in and do something for you?

We’ve got BRAND NEW recipes for July in the group,
including the low carb peanut butter bar I’ve shown you today.

PERFECT for me for in between lessons today.

A protein bar and an apple will be packed in my bag to keep me going
until I finish in school and can get home for lunch.

Right…I’ve got to get ready for school
Keep fit & fab
Tara x

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  • July 5, 2016