Meet 27lbs LIGHTER Rhian - Tara Hammett

Meet 27lbs LIGHTER Rhian

What a difference.

Rhian’s just completed the 12 week Life TARAnsformer Programme.

Here’s what she sent to me on the last
Create & Commit Form
(^^ one of the quick & easy tasks in the programme)
“I have learned a lot from doing this programme
and that you can achieve what u want as long as u keep in mind
what u want in life and that the only way that it will change is if u do something about it.

Also learned the food is very nice
and it doesn’t have to be boring and u can still enjoy the good things
but keep your mind in focus.

Altogether since starting I lost 27lb; I’m now in size 12
sometimes 14 atm depends on what I put on lol.

I was a size 16 at the start of it all.

I would just like to say a very big thank you
for letting me do this programme and giving me the
help, support, motivation, and really good advice on everything.

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If I didn’t do this programme I would still be where I was 12 weeks ago.

You have really changed my life Tara and I couldn’t have done it without u.

Thank you so much xxx”
In April, Rhian clicked on this link and filled out the
application form for the Life TARAnsformer Programme.

WE got on the phone and I remember Rhian saying she’d seen the transformation
of Sacha since she did the Life TARAnsformer programme and
she couldn’t believe how amazing she looked.

She wanted the same.

She knew Sacha was a busy mum, with a busy job
and had struggled for years to lose weight….just like her.

So she thought, if Sacha can do it.

So can she.

Rhian was nervous.

She knew she’d have to do some new things.
She would have to do some work.
She would have to invest in herself.


She also knew the result would be worth it.

She couldn’t afford to stay feeling the same as what
she did now.

Her time was now and she took the opportunity.

The 12 weeks have FLOWN BY

And now……

She’s 27lbs lighter
She can get into a size 12
She can still enjoy

She also still has an exciting, glamorous photo shoot to look forward to.

I’m excited for the Uber glam afternoon with the girlies,
and can’t wait to show the photos to you.

I’m opening up applications NOW for
Life TARAnsformer 8

Are you ready for change?

Fast forward 14 weeks and imagine how you’ll feel if you
don’t take action now and you’re still the same in October / November
(plus stressing about putting festive weight on too)

Don’t do it.

Take the risk like Rhian.

Get on the phone with me and lets see if you’re really up for it.

You can apply HERE

Life TARAnsformer Application

What you got to lose?
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx

P.S Massive THANK YOU to everyone that has

got in touch with such wonderful messages about my news.

There’s more to come in my Live Facebook Video at 7 pm Thursday

ūüėČ Yay xx

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