Why making your bed is so important! - Tara Hammett

Why making your bed is so important!

How’s your week gone so far?
This week for me has been busy with the Party Body Plan girls and we are loving it!
The enthusiasm is so motivating and last night I was live in the group chatting.
It turned out to be 40minutes of real clarity, light bulb moments and some inspiration bombs.
Alyson posted this earlier:

“Morning guys! I’ve been doing a bit of thinking since Tara’s Chat last night.

She didn’t say anything that I probably didn’t already know but yet it gave such clarity to my situation. Because I am over weight and have let myself get to this point and have not managed to correct it in probably 15 years, I feel a failure. 

I have seen glimpses of success but have failed to sustain it.

I work in Primary education and have a lot of knowledge of the brain science behind learning yet have I ever thought to apply this to myself? No!

I need to educate my mind to realise that I will never get to where I want to be if I keep making the same mistakes and being so hard on myself that I don’t learn from them.

So, I set my alarm, got up without snoozing, made the bed, put Tara’s dvd on and did a 12 minute hiit – and felt great that I had done it.

Tara used the word enjoyment over and over again and

if children are not enjoying learning they will fight against it which is kind of what I was doing with all my moaning and excuses.

Apologies for the essay this morning but I think I have had my own little light bulb moment.



When you hear things out loud, sometimes it makes you realise that a lot of what we need to do involves a bit of common sense.

A few bits I covered last night…


Can you still have them?

YES! they’re not the bad guys, to keep it simple…watch your portion, eat them around workout times for best results and make sure you have protein with them.


What if I change it, need a rest from it?


Do something different, change it, have a rest…..LOOK AFTER YOURSELF.

There’s no need to feel guilty about a missed workout. We’re all busy, tired, have aches…so what would you say to someone else? I’m sure you’d be brilliant at giving advice but can you take it? the main thing is you’r moving and enjoying. Don’t be too hard on yourself, then you’ll have a better chance of staying consistent.


I feel deflated sometimes and want to give up.

100% of the girls in the plan have felt this.


We all get up and down moments (especially when we do that sneaky weigh and don’t like what we see) focus on the whole picture though. Your health, your energy, your progress. Every single one of us are the same, but the main thing is getting the support and accepting help. Sometimes we may need to have a little word with ourselves, be kind to ourselves, learn our lessons and move on doing our best.

I talked about lots and lots in the chat and will be doing the same every week as we all need a little OOMPH.

A kick up the butt and reminder of what we want and how far we’ve come.

I also talked about the importance of getting up and doing your first task of the day.

Set an alarm

Get up

Make your bed.

This sets the rest of the day up. Once you achieve one task done, it rolls onto another and this can make the difference in your day being productive.

Try it.

Alyson did and she’s a woman on a mission today!

Tara xxx

  • November 10, 2017