Lose 8lbs with Gin O'Clock ;-) - Tara Hammett

Lose 8lbs with Gin O’Clock ;-)

I just popped into the 21 day programme support group and loved this post from Jo last night and just had to quickly:




“I’ve followed Tara for quite a while now and lost weight following the free group and reading emails and doing the DVD before but alas all went back on ? 

I always made excuses for not signing up to any programmes – skint – not in the right frame of mind – all of the usual suspects!

I was at my heaviest at the start of this challenge, my clothes felt awful and I felt huge in pics! So I bit the bullet and signed up! ?


I’ve enjoyed my 3 weeks with you all and seeing all your good/bad days – WE ALL HAVE THEM! 

I’m not the best at the food post part, I need to get better at that lol. That said, I’ve remained to eat healthy following any tips that I can. I do however LOVE the HIIT once I get into it lol… The kids see me do it and walk past and say ‘GO ON MAM’ and that encourages me ?

Well I’ve lost 8lb!!! 

If I’d stayed away from the Gin on the weekends I’m sure it would be more!! I’m happy with that ? 

My clothes feel looser already and HIITS are getting easier and I feel better for eating healthy!

Still gotta smash the mindset thing as I often get dark days ?

Sooooooo….. Yep I’m signing up for the Inner circle next week!!! ???

£6.75 a week??? Very much worth it to me!!! 

I’d buy two gins out in town with that … ????

So I think it’s about putting things into perspective and looking at the bigger picture.

I NEED help and support with my journey so I’m going for it!!!!!! ?

Hope to see some of you there next week if not I wish you all well ??? Thank you all, Tara and Sacha ???

p.s Sorry for the essay here ???”

I love this ‘essay’ from JO…in fact, these few short sentences totally sum it all up and I know so many will relate

#1 You do a bit, make progress, but habits creep back in and it goes back on

#2 You make the excuses…head’s not right, skint (but happily buy that £9.99 bottle of wine and fill your shopping basket up with X Factor & Strictly goodies)

But Jo decided enough was enough.

No more yo-yo-ing.

It was time to get realistic and accept that she needed help and support (which is fine – we ALL do!)

My fave parts of this??

The kids see her working out and give the encouragement. It’s so amazing that her children and being inspired by their Mum to have a fit and healthy lifestyle…best motivation ever!

Jo still enjoyed Gin O’clock!

8lbs down and still enjoying – that’s a lifestyle we’ll all take hey! Exactly the message I want to get across. You CAN still enjoy yourself with whatever takes your fancy. You just need to nail what you do before and after.

(This is all the kind of stuff I’ll be sharing with you in my Party Body Programme – More info on that later this week)


Like some action takers know …I’m opening the doors to the final LIFE TARANSFORMER Programme.

This is my guaranteed results or your money back programme – AND you’ll be getting the Party Body Programme totally free as part of this! Ho Ho Ho


Last night we had our final meeting with the LT12 girls and I’ll be sharing some of their incredible journeys this week, so look out for more inspiration.

Less than 10 weeks until Christmas!!!

What are you going to do for YOU?

Get the support and accountability and make the next 10 weeks epic!

Tara xx

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  • October 17, 2017