The Little Black Dress I REALLY wanted to get into - Tara Hammett

The Little Black Dress I REALLY wanted to get into

I didn’t wear the dress on my first night out as I first planned.
Only because I was going out at 2pm and it was way too OTT for
that time of day.
SO before I put my outfit on, I popped my LBD on to take a pic in.
On 24th February, all I could do was look at the dress hanging up.
There was no way it would go anywhere near me, way too small.
It was the last dress I wore out on 30th April 2016….3 days before I found out I was pregnant.
So my mission once Danny arrived and I was ready to do so, was to get back in my dress and wear it out on my first night out. I’ll wear it again soon, now that it fits and I’m delighted that it was mission complete.
Now I’ve achieved that goal….I’m setting a new goal. That’s how it works!
You should always be progressing and growing.
So for now it’s a photoshoot that I’m aiming for, nothing too strenuous or physical like a challenging event, but that could be next on the agenda.
As everyone, I want to feel good.
Feel confident
Feel healthy and strong
Feel nice in an outfit.
And how did I do it?
I did a good job at staying consistent.
There have been MANY times where I’ve eaten treats and shared some goodies, however most of the time I ate good, healthy food.
There have been SO MANY times where I’ve stayed longer in bed, had my workout disturbed or not got around to doing it because my day got too busy BUT I also kept going and did about 3 workouts a week (from 12 to 20mins) and walking when I could.
There have been a few times where I’ve dreaded showing my progress pics, thinking people would expect to see me get my body back faster…..I had some self doubt, but I told myself…I can only do the best I can.
The MAIN thing is, I kept on going and I will keep on going.
I’m still not as fit as I was
My butt still isn’t as pert as it was
I’m still carrying a bit of fat that I didn’t have before,
but that’s fine….I keep on going and doing.
ALL the types of food I ate are in my 21 day programme
ALL the types of exercise I did are in my 21 day programme
ALL the support like I got (and is the main thing) is in the programme
Have you got a dress or outfit you’d love to wear and doesn’t fit at the moment?
Do you have an event or party you want to feel good in?
Got a holiday coming up and you could do with feeling a bit more body confident?
Join me as I continue with the next step towards my goal and I can help YOU get there too!
– Over the next 3 weeks you could spend 5 mins getting an outfit out of your wardrobe.
– Write down what you would like to lose in the time (and beyond – lets face it, it’s a lifestyle and I want to help you get to your ultimate goal. 3 weeks is just the start).
– Make a plan of what we’ll do together
– Take action and get results with small daily tasks
You can transform, like I have and like all the girls who have changed their lifestyle with me.
You’ve just got to start!
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  • June 1, 2017