Do you like your last 6 months? - Tara Hammett

Do you like your last 6 months?

How did your New Years Resolution go?

We’ve done 6 months now…what difference have you made?

How different is your weight?

Your inches?

Your clothes size?

Your happiness?

Your energy?

I know of many that are so different.

Stones lighter

Fitting into clothes which were once snug

Exercising more and feeling more toned.

They look back on photos of the beginning of the year and can see a noticeable difference.

I also know many are exactly the same.

They’ve tried but they’ve found it too hard.

They didn’t want to pay for something

They didn’t want to try something new as they were to nervous

So now reflect on the last 6 months.

What have you done to make a change?

Make the  next 6 months count!

Start today.

It’s your last chance to join me and the girls with the 21 day programme.

Make a Mid-Year Resolution BUT for it to be successful…you’ve got to make a plan and take action!

Tara xxx

Ps….Happy ‘Half Way Through The Year and 6 Months Into Your New Years Resolution’

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  • July 2, 2017