Let's Make Plans - Tara Hammett

Let’s Make Plans

Let’s do this!
The gates are wide open to Christmas season and the parties have started.
It’s the time where many have resigned themselves to the New Year to work on their goals,
whilst others know that you can still enjoy AND feel awesome whilst working on health goals.
I want to encourage the action takers….so here it goes.
Sacha and I were having a chat about how amazing the Party Body Plan was going
(yay for this new programme we’re developing for the New Year).
So we wanted to share a bit more of the motivation and we’re going to throw more at you because this time of year is harder than ever.
More comfort food recipes so you’ve got an easy, cheap, hot meal to look forward to that keeps you on track.
More buffet food ideas so you can put some healthy options on when you have visitors coming (or just make them for easy lunch boxes )
More fast workouts that you can do at home so you can still have those toned arms, defined legs and flatter stomach.
I’m going to be LIVE on Facebook tomorrow morning at 6:30am?
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Need some motivation to even get up and do it in the first place?
I’ll be live tonight with some words of wisdom to give you the kick up the butt, if you want it.
Again, just be on my profile at 7pm tonight.
There’s a few things I’m going to talk about including:
How you can have wine and still lose weight
What to do when you’re doing so well…so treat yourself with all the ‘wrong things’
The BEST food to eat this time of year to stay on track and still lose weight fast
Hopefully see you at 7pm tonight HERE
Tara xxx
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  • December 3, 2017