Last Chance Today to Copy Me - Tara Hammett

Last Chance Today to Copy Me

You can do exactly the same as me if you fancy it?

I’m ALL IN tomorrow.

A week without the junk that’s crept into my eating habits,

my kickstart back to the lifestyle i love and some gentle walking…

I haven’t left the house properly for weeks and I’m excited to move a little bit more…gently though.

On that note, with the Detox Week officially kicking off tomorrow,

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Are you in?

Wondering if it’s for you?


In the program,

this is what we’ve CRAMMED in:

* EASY exercise (Yippee for me!) – only walking so you

can start no matter what your fitness level.

* A HUGE catalogue of recipes which 

will make the detox SIMPLE for you

A PRIVATE Support group so you can stay motivated

for the whole week

* A mixture of meals, snacks, smoothies, salads,

soups & stews so even the biggest FOODIE will feel 

full and have plenty of choice.

* BRILLIANT videos to watch that will answer every

question you may have (and if the answer to

your question its not there – I’ll make it for you)

* My PROVEN lifestyle tips to help

you SPEED UP fatloss

* What I do to stay positive, happier and

take TIME OUT for myself.

* How you can ACCELERATE weight loss

with luxuries such as bubble baths, massage 

and catching up with friends

*The opportunity to stay extra MOTIVATED

as you surround yourself by people JUST LIKE YOU

on the same mission.

* Learn how to eat BREAD, FRIES and ICE-CREAM 

whilst eliminating toxins and beating the BLOATED BELLY

And all of this…

at your FINGERTIPS in one place.

^^ This Place ^^


YES – If you need that KICK UP THE BUTT

YES – if you want to speed up your health goals (Whether it’s weight loss or weight gain)

YES – if you want to think clearer and lose the brain fog.

YES – if you’re SICK of feeling depressed about your body and

KNOW you need to do something.

YES – if you think £20 is worth investing in LEARNING what to do to get what you want.

YES – if you’ve hit a plateau and NO MATTER WHAT you do, you’re getting nowhere.

NO – it’s NOT for you if you’re not ready to put in some work and do something for yourself.

That LAST CHANCE link again

Keep Fit & Fab

Tara xx

P.S The word Detox may make you think ‘No Food’, ‘Starving’, ‘Boring’

None of that going on in this programme…we’ll be eating plenty.

The photo with the Chilli, Meatballs and Cakes is just a sample of what you can have.


Tara Hammett