Last chance for that WOW feeling with me | Tara Hammett

Last chance for that WOW feeling with me

This is your final chance to join in with my next 6 Week Body Plan.

We start Monday morning.

We're setting goals
Making plans
Getting excited and
we WILL get those results

Success all around.

I've just shared a few of the results from the last week of girls in my plans.

Lucy (Busy Mum of 4, wanting to get her body back in shape), lost 2 inches from her waist and 7lbs.

Emma lost 9lbs and 3 inches from her waist!

Gemma lost 5lbs and 7.75 inches

This time last week they were hoping to feel better,
Wishing to be more motivated.

They joined me...they've had a fantastic week.

12 weeks ago Susie joined me and tonight she told me she's lost 24lbs.
Jo joined me too and has lost 26lbs

They're both in the 6 week body plan ready to take on the next 6 week goal.

Are you ready to join in?

If you are still wondering what the plan is all about, this is what's included:

  • Private Facebook Support Group So you can stay motivated and in touch with me and the team every day.
  • Home Workouts. They're fast and help you tone up fast
  • Education Videos on exercise, food & mindset.
  • LIVE meeting and one-to-one hotseat for supercharged motivation
  • The most important part >>> RESULTS!
  • WIN a spa day with me (nothing like an incentive to keep you going)

and the BEST PART???

All this for only £9 per week!!

What would you love to achieve in 6 weeks??

I'd love to help you!

Tara Hammett