Kathy defied her Dr and lost 2 stone!

Kathy lost 2 stone, her Dr said it would be difficult!

It’s so inspiring seeing the success stories of the girls in the Life Taransformer plan.

Reading about real life women who have struggled,
Done every diet out there,
Spent thousands on the latest fad and
Believed they were failures.

They’re relatable,
They’ve been there and when life is tough
They’ve kept going and reached their goals

Anyone can change……if they really want to

And BTW……it is NOT difficult to lose weight if you’re approaching 40….even if A DOCTOR says it!

Check out what Kathy says, and what her Doctor said:

“I had tried every diet out there,
the milkshake ones, lost the weight put double the amount on.
I went to three classes per week in the gym, but still remained the same.

I would say I put the biggest amount of weight on when our foster child went back to his parents after we had looked after him for three years, I was grieving and emotionally eating.

I was so big I hated going out, holidays, swimming and was really unhappy.
I finally went to the doctor asking him to help me, he said because I was approaching 40 it would be difficult to lose weight but to try HIIT workouts.
I remembered Tara did HIIT workouts so looked at her Facebook page.

I joined Tara’s 6 week programme on the 8th January as it took me right up to my 40th birthday.

I quickly learned that this wasn’t a quick fix diet, it was my new way of life!
After that 6 week programme I went on the LT14 12 week programme, this was much better for me, weekly online meetings, so much support with other girls on the journey, loved it.

I’ve achieved so much, 2 stone in weight loss and the confidence to lose more to get to my ultimate goal.I had a good look at myself and had become this tired unhappy mother and wife, struggling to please my family.

I had to take a step forward to make time for myself, and boom as soon as I did that, everything started falling into place.

I became happier, even the kids and my husband commented on how much fun I’ve become. I feel like a better mum, better wife and feel so much healthier and happier.

If anyone is struggling, plodding along still battling with your weight, sign up for one of Tara’s programmes, honestly it’s the only thing that’s worked for me, it’s the best thing I ever did.

I’m going on holiday next week and have bought two bikini’s!
I never would have thought I would say that. 

So there you go.

Losing weight is tough for anyone, but just because you’re approaching 40 does not mean you can’t do it

Or 50
Or 60
Or 70!

When you do the right thing, get support and enjoy what you’re doing you’ve got a much better chance of success!

I’ve got 6 places left in my next Life Taransformer plan

If you’re thinking you want to change,

Lose weight,

Improve your mindset and become a better Mum/daughter/sister/partner/friend….. Invest in yourself now.

Don’t go down the same path as you are now and not getting results.

On 30th July you could be feeling sooooooooo much better,

As long as you take you first step today

  • May 5, 2018