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Joining In? 30 Day Challenge is BACK!

“Don’t break the chain”

Heard of this to help you become more productive than ever?

You could get more done in 30 days than you may have ALL YEAR!

All of us want to be and feel better.

It would be simple for us to do if we slowly built daily good habits, 

soon we’d be exercising more regular, eating better, just getting more stuff done and actually creating more time instead of rushing around like a busy fool.

All you’d need to do is get a step by step plan

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Decide your goals

Do what you need to do to get there – every single day.

Now this doesn’t mean investing a tonne of time into this.

You could get all your tasks done in 15/30 mins each day..or before 8am!

You’d need a calendar or tick sheet and a pen / marker.

Then your mission is to not break the chain.

Put an X or a tick or a smiley face on each day once you’ve done your tasks – it’s as simple as that!

And to make it easier….I’ve got the plan and tasks for you!

Yesterday on my Instagram I asked who fancies another 30 day challenge

92% said YES


Remember the 30 Day ‘Get Motivated Challenge’

I”m gonna bring it back!!!


Just pop your name on my register RIGHT NOW!

Last time we had over 100 girls in the team….I want to do the same again!!

Fancy it? CLICK HERE <<<

All you’ll need to do is add your name to the register for now just to let me know you want to be included!

We had incredible results from the girls last time – I’m looking forward to seeing how motivated and successful we’ll all be in the challenge.

Hope to see you in there

Tara xx

Tara Hammett