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Join the FREE 30 day challenge

After 7 days of the last detox program

the results were amazing and the team are still feeling the benefits.


Here’s some of the

feedback we’ve had:


Hayley ‘I’m joining up for July again…I loved the June

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one and what started as a ’21 day thing’ is turning

into a lifestyle. I’m getting

my waist back and feeling

trimmer without making myself hungry.

Getting into a bikini and NOT

feeling awful about it & negative

about my body is looking like a reality.

Here’s to getting a flat tummy for my 40th”


Rhi “Weighed and lost 6lbs…I feel

so much better in myself and my skin

is looking better now so I’m happy”


Sian “OMG I was 10 stone 2 and now i’m 9 stone 7

I am so happy. Going to keep going and

start the 21 day”


Amazing yeah!!


I’m so happy for these

awesome girlies!


And this could be you.


Feeling inspired ??


Now you could do one of three options

right this second!!!


1. Join my 21 day program NOW and workout

with me at home TODAY for only 12 minutes.

Follow my meal plan & recipes, watch

VLOGS to teach you everything

you need to know AND be part

of the exclusive group to support you every day…

The whole package – is

here for you to CLICK and join now!


2. My FREE 30 Day Butt TARAnsformer

officially kicks off tomorrow and you can

tone & lift your way to lean legs and

a peachy butt with me

and the team. The link to the

challenge is at the bottom of this email




3. DO BOTH!!

Join the 21 day program for all the nutrition

support you need (Your weight loss success will

ALWAYS be down to your food choices!!!!)

AND do the 30 day butt challenge

(I will – and I know many others are too!!)




Keep fit & Fab





P.S I lied…there’s 4 options…option 4:

Do nothing, click off this email, THINK you wish you

were more toned, don’t join in

with any, then in 21 or 30 days time

be sorry that you didn’t take action for



But surely only those who are

super toned, fit and in tune with a

perfectly clean diet and want to walk around

in a swim suit everyday because they’re so slamming

hot would choose this option!!


ha x


And here’s the link for you when you’re ready to join

30 day butt logo

Tara Hammett