It’s 25lb off!! I’m so blinking chuffed ? -

It’s 25lb off!! I’m so blinking chuffed ?

The person so blinking chuffed is Joanna
10 weeks ago she joined my Life Taransformer plan
I asked her why she joined and how she’s feeling now that she is 25LBS LIGHTER!

“I had no will power, just as if there is no stop button!! I’d tell myself….oh go on, start tomorrow, have the chocolate, or crisps, or whatever! It couldn’t go on!

When I listened to you, putting all the reasons & excuses, that was me!!

I’ve now changed my whole way of thinking about food, and I’ve realised how to say no eating the junk foods and enjoy making new recipes!

I’m happy , more energetic, and it’s exciting!

….I’m packed & ready to go on holidays!

Back when I started the plan, I never ever thought I’d reach this weight loss, Tara has given me a new way of looking at food and lifestyle, people are asking what I’ve been doing, When I explain all about Tara’s plan it makes sense!! It’s not a quick fix, it’s a commitment to change, which I’m in!!! Lost a 1lb & 1/2 this week ???

What we do in the 12 week plan is simple.
I teach you exactly how to eat better – without depriving yourself
(in fact, I wrote a meal plan earlier today with chocolate as part of midweek eats!)
I help you drop the excuses of time, stress etc and help you move better and NO you don’t have to exercise every day – you MUST have days off! (Just like me atm, I’ve not trained since Friday!)
and one of the biggest things – I keep you going
Everyday I’ll be with you motivating and helping you.
Losing weight is hard (I’ll be talking about this live on Facebook at 8pm tonight)
People are confused with mixed messages of what to do.
Busy and stressed.
I know this
Being a busy Mum who gets up at 5am to get my personal training clients in.
I work from home during the day and evening staying in touch with the girls in the plan,
I try my best to look after Danny playing, reading, singing, colouring, feeding him the best I can and keeping him happy and content.,
Aim to stay on top of house hold chores and washing and creating recipes – IT’S BLINKING HARD!!!
I’m sure your lifestyle is just as busy as mine {!firstname_fix}
So thinking about putting yourself first, losing weight, toning up, being happier and more grateful can seem overwhelming.
But it can be done, just like Joanna and all the other girls taking responsibility for their own health and happiness.
It CAN be done and you can get incredible results when you get some help and do the simple steps I do myself and teach you to do.

At the beginning of the plan Joanna

  • Wanted someone who understands, and can help her make the right choices in food & exercise, which her family can benefit also.
  • She wanted to actually look at herself and like herself x
  • She didn’t want to be making excuses about not able to go out with family & friends, the usual not comfortable with herself.
  • She wanted to stop struggling because of her lack of will power! Looking for a quick fix

We’ve still got two weeks to go!
She’s SMASHED her 2 lbs a week target
I’m excited for Jo and can’t wait to see her complete transformation in two weeks time.
Are you ready to work on your lack of willpower and feel amazing?
You could be one of the first in my Life Taransformer 12 week plan.

If you want to chat with my further, find out more about the plan or apply for the next plan

I’ll be sharing more storied this week from real women.
Look out for the inspiration!

  • July 24, 2018