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It Works



A little push and a little prod in the right direction
can be all you need to get everything you want.

The 7 day challenge in my Taransformer Group has really got
a lot of you motivated and back on it.

All I asked was “who is all in” with a week of little tasks, and it really got a load of MOJO’s back.


So many have joined in and introduced some smart little healthy habits to each day

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Today is Day 3

We’ve had loads of inspiration and ideas.

Drinking more water
Drinking less coffee
Prepping brekkie
Stopping toast and cereal (NOOOO….I DON’T RECOMMEND WEETABIX)
Being more mindful
Doing 10 mins personal development reading
12 mins of HIIT
Sharing some appreciation – Just saying Thank You takes a few moments

….that’s just 8 there I’ve shared.

I reckon I could easy get another 20 more.

Maybe a 28 day challenge would be good where I TELL YOU what to do each day?

What you reckon?

Anyway, this idea was SIMPLE, but it did a massive job of getting people to do
what they KNEW they should do.

They’re easy, don’t take long but if they’re consistent can have a DRAMATIC EFFECT,
so why do so many of us avoid doing anything?

We can procrastinate for so many reasons.

To avoid stress – OMG, losing weight is so confusing and there’s so much to do, so we feel rewarded with a temporary relief from that stress.

Fear of failure – we can be our own critic so we avoid even a minor mistake or fall off the wagon so we lessen the fear of failing by not doing anything.

Fear of success – I actually spoke with a lady recently that didn’t know how to deal with the comments from other people about the weight she’s lost which was actually causing her anxiety and further knocking her confidence. ” I learned that you’ll have more friends if you don’t give them a reason to be jealous”….not good hey.

Excuses: not enough time, confused, don’t know what to do.

Procrastination though, is learned

….you can unlearn it too

Until now, doing nothing may have been something you’ve done to avoid tasks that you believe are painful (loads of exercise), depriving (on a diet) BUT you can change that.

Something like the free 7 day challenge is brilliant at helping you develop tools for coping with your fears and to make losing weight and changing your lifestyle less painful and depriving.

You can overcome feeling lazy by doing something that seems more fun,
you enjoy it, it’s only one simple step at a time.

Like the 7 habits in 7 days.

It’s not too late to join in .

Or…you can go a further step ahead and get prepped for a super charged kick start to your body change mission and join me in the Detox Week.

7 Day Detox

^^^ You can have recipes, meal plans, shopping list all ready for you


We’ve added 3 BRAND NEW meal ideas in there:

– Thai Curry
– Sweet Potato Hash
– Special Fried Rice

Lets make it EASIER and more FUN to change your life.

Tara xx

P.S I’m gonna double up on my habit of today and say again THANK YOU, I really do appreciate your support and for helping me develop a community of amazing people and continuing to develop my passion.

The past few months have not been easy for me, BUT doing something I LOVE everyday has made it so much easier.



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