Is your STRESS making you FAT? - Tara Hammett

Is your STRESS making you FAT?

How much are you looking out for the balance in your life?

We’re all on a mission to look better,

feel better,

lose weight

feel sexier and confident.

We focus on nutrition and

working OUT…

but when do you actually plan actual


We were chatting about stress and it’s effect on weight loss

Monday evening in the Life TARAnsformer meeting,

so thought I’d share some tips with you today.

Stress is a major contributor to

weight gain for many reasons…

even dieting and exercise is a stressor and

can make you hold on to fat.

Whether you feel mentally stressed or

just permanently on the go but feel ok…

we still need to mange stress.

I’ve been feeling it too and part of my balance is making sure I

do the chill out time too.

Floatation tank – love it

Candles with a bubble bath and a facial – Devine

Being on holiday

(like I am right now)

An afternoon siesta – I’ve been having

a few of these recently too.

This is also something that I recommend and

go into more detail about in the

7 day detox program.

This program is POWERFUL

You still eat plenty of REAL FOOD

but you also start to introduce the balance to your lifestyle.

Like I’ve said,

we all focus on our body goals and losing weight

but what we really want is to feel happy, positive and confident.

Want to join me for 7 days of feeling awesome and

getting rid of toxins in the body and losing the bloat?

Join now…we get excited on Friday, I’ll get you

prepped on the weekend and we officially kick off on Monday together.

Here’s the link:

Keep fit, fab and relaxed

Tara x

P.S I’ve shared many transformations

and weight loss successes with you and they ALL

started with Phase  #1 of their mission – THE DETOX WEEK.

Kick start your mission now xx

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  • June 15, 2016