Inspiring you feels WEIRD - Tara Hammett

Inspiring you feels WEIRD

That’s what Rhi said after
all the AMAZING feedback yesterday.
So many were resonating
with the girls on how they had made
the change in their lifestyles and
they’d had messages and comments
letting them know that their stories had
inspired them to get back on it.
They’re ready to follow my tips
on losing more FAST
I’ll tell you about that in a mo.
But that’s the thing about
all of us.
None of us think we’re any different to anyone else,
or extra special or anything.
We aren’t
We’re all the same.
Yet from doing SIMPLE things every day
you can get great results,
which to others ARE nothing short of inspiring.
Taking simple steps can set us apart.
Some of the biggest fears that
STOP YOU from getting what you want is
your difficulty in making a decision….
You worry that you’re going to make
a mistake, scared of making a change,
feeling deprived, losing money,
worrying what other will say and
choosing not to make the decision…
is making the decision.
You make the decision to stay where you are.
And in the process,
you watch people like Rhi and the other girls
who make the decision to do something for themselves and
you can’t help but be inspired.
Or maybe a little jel….buy hey..
that’s your choice too.
But really, you have
NOTHING to lose (Apart from those
pounds you don’t want)
All you have to do to change your world,
is change the way you think about it.
Instead of thinking
‘What if…..
you hate it
you fail
you don’t get what you want
Change your thoughts to
‘What if….
you LOVE it
you GET what you want
YOU will be just like the girls
who are now inspiring so many.
So, what is it that many of them are doing
to get their moo back and make the change they want?
They’re spending 7 days with me
My 7 Day Detox Week Programme
kicks off and the group will
be opening on Saturday Morning.
Which decision will you make.
The ACTION decision which
‘I’m responsible for my health and
my goals and I’m going to get the support
to change it’
Not make a decision to join in…
The non-Action decision which
‘I’m going to stay as I am, not do something
for myself, yet continue to WISH
I did it, like the girlsIi read about’
Join in now,
get excited and
lets get inspiring.

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S In the 7 day detox week a tough decision is which recipe to choose…

like burgers and ice cream!!! Imagine that….


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  • October 15, 2015