I’m struggling to get back on the wagon - Tara Hammett

I’m struggling to get back on the wagon

HELP - I am actually using you to help me get back on it.

I'm back (from Amsterdam)

and totally honest

I feel like JUNK

I'm tired, I've got things to do and its a bit of a struggle.

Not surprising really when I've spent 3 days sitting around travelling,
eating junk,
drinking alcohol,
staying up late

^^ Recipe for disaster

We've all been there and done it but the main thing is how you deal with it.

Now my little holiday is over, I've got to dig in today and get back on it >> even though I don't feel like it.

The longer I let it go on, the worse things will get and the worse I will feel.

As with anyone that wants to lose weight, feel healthier and be more confident, I've got to do the opposite of what I've been doing.

Instead of sitting around, I need to move more
Instead of eating junk, I've got to get prepping my quick & easy healthy meals
Instead of drinking alcohol, I need to get hydrated
Instead of staying up late, it's early to bed

Soon I'll be back to my usual self and working towards my goals.

We all have little blips, and that's ok. In fact, I think it's good as it gives you a renewed enthusiasm to get away from whats not serving you and back to doing what makes you feel so much better - even though it's hard.

Last night I was chatting with the Life Taransformer and Party Body Plan girls and many were finding the weekend a tough one, or they were beating themselves up for having something 'naughty'.

FACT: This WILL happen again.

Of course there's going to be times in life where we are facing a buffet, a meal out, some goodies at home, a drink or two with friends.


What you need to learn to accept is it's ok to enjoy what you fancy, you don't have to feel guilty, that you're a failure or that you have to accept being overweight, unhappy, miserable forever.

All you need to do is take action.

Start to make the changes,
Be more mindful of your choices,
Take on your challenges.

Yes - it's hard


when you accept you need help, get it!

It is so much easier.

We're two weeks into the Party Body Plan and yesterday may of the girls were sharing their successes.
The enthusiasm and inspiration is still there and even when a few are finding it getting hard, they're getting the support and keeping on going.

Maybe you're feeling a little like me right now and need something to help you get some motivation.


I'm opening up the Party Body Plan so you can join in with us.

Right now, I certainly feel like I need rescuing from this lethargic feeling,

The 3 week Party Rescue Plan opens on Saturday and I've got 16 places available.


Don't miss this opportunity to lose weight and feel better & in control.

Christmas is nearly 4 weeks away...you can still make such a difference by the time Santa comes.

P.S If you're already in the Party Body Plan....look out this week for my LIVE session on how to beat stress and speed up weight loss and more new recipes.

PPS..I've got to unpack my case now...JOY!

  • November 21, 2017