I'm gonna Mess up your Monday! - Tara Hammett

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I’m gonna Mess up your Monday!

Let me mess up your Monday!


It’s the start of another new week and I’m loving the fact that I woke up to my alarm to see it’s getting lighter in the mornings.


Things are always easier as we wake up to brighter mornings here in the UK.


Wouldn’t it be brilliant if everything was easier.

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Losing weight


Staying on Track with healthy eating


Keeping a positive mindset no matter what you’re faced with

Whilst on the subject, how about a daily affirmation for you:

I am confident. I am positive. I am Calm


Repeat this today in your mind or out loud!


YOU are all of these things!


Now Monday may or may not

Be the best day of the week to throw a sweet dessert in your face…

Like an Eton Mess


But wouldn’t it be awesome if it was healthy for you..


This is me talking..


Of course it’s healthy for you!!


I put a shout on out Social Media on the

Weekend asking what people found such a struggle on weekends.


General theme..



Treats with the family

Take away night and



It is hard when you’re constantly faced

With the seductive pleasure of a treat or two.


After a hard week many people feel they need to

Reward themselves so use food or alcohol to fill that

Desire, then feel guilty and start again Monday.


But we can still enjoy a life of enjoyment and adundance without

Caving to the wrong things week in week out.


And this little beauty is one of many things that you could

Enjoy as part of a cleaner lifestyle.


Chocolate Protein Eton Mess


100g Greek Yoghurt ( I used Total %)

½ scoop Whey Protein

1 Gluten  Free Rice Cake

1 cup Raspberries

1 tbspn Cocoa


Mix the yoghurt, whey and cocoa together. Break up half of the rice cake and mix in to the yoghurt. Layer your yoghurt , raspberries and left over crushed rice cakes and enjoy immediately.

This is one of many recipes that you’ll find in my brand new

Clean & Creative Chocolate Collection eBook out next week! 

As I explained to one of the TARAnsformers yesterday after she said

i was too kind to them:

Yes…I know…I am a little angel sent from Chocolate Heaven..

Keep fit, fab and Eton messy!

Tara x

P.S as I write this the weight losses are rolling in from the program.

Rachael is down 6.5 lbs in a week and Karie is free from 3kg and 5 inches 😀



eton mess

Tara Hammett