I'm gonna HELP you - Tara Hammett

I’m gonna HELP you

So…you know I’ve been giving away
a FREE COPY of my full length, 12min workout…
which I designed to help you get toned REALLY FAST.
Jen downloaded it.
And the BEST bit
She actually did it on the first day that she got it.
Then Jen emailed me to say she’d done it.

“I hadn’t tried it until today’s email but was motivated

when I got home from work and as of 2mins ago,

I just completed my first of your HITT workouts with the free dvd!

So now I’m in category c!

c) the person that downloaded it and got excited to do it,

so I did it and now I’m feeling…A bit better…. #TARAnsformerC

I mostly did it because

I ate cake at work today and was feeling

bad about my body on the bus on the way home, it’s a start right?

Need to sort my diet out next,

love home cooked food but struggling with the idea of low carb…

Thanks for the free download, hoping to fit it in again tomorrow 🙂

Jen “

OUCH…she could feel lots of
different areas on her body aching.
You know those nice little aches.
The ones you WANT, but you don’t want,
but you do really want them because they remind you
that you’ve done something good so
you feel a little bit smug and pleased with yourself.
Day 2 came, and she did it again.
Only 12 minutes in her day it took, but again,
she loved it.
Day 3…Jen sent me this.
“Hi Tara,
I’ve done it!
Day three of the 12 min freebie workout completed
and I’ve just joined the inner-circle!
Excited to get looking at your inner circle site now.
Jen xx”
Now that, my little lovely
is what I LOVE to see.
A little ripple effect from one small
dose of inspiration…and now Jen
is on the pathway to feeling even better about herself.
With this, I kinda love two little things.
First, PLEASE do the 12minute workout
that I’m giving you as a gift.
Or at least watch the little video I’ve attached to this email.
I want you to feel inspired today.
SECONDLY, give something to
those you love.
I don’t mean an actual material gift.
The best things in life are free…
Give love to your family,
Tell your friends how much you
appreciate what they do for you,
Tell a work buddy how grateful you are for what
they do for you.
Whatever is most fitting for you, give it, as you
will get this back in abundance and along with a body
thats a bit more toned, you’ll also
feel happier!
Keep Fit & Fab
Tara xx
P.S As Jen has now joined the INNER CIRCLE….she no longer has to
worry about ‘low carb’ food ideas and can eat the home-cooked food that she LOVES. xx
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  • November 8, 2015