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I’m Baaaaackkkk!!

The lack of wifi kept me away from you! 🙁


I’ve been away for a week snowboarding in France.


It was AMAZE. I only managed to break a pair of shades and a comb. My body is still in one piece thankfully – (Helmet, wrist splints, impact shorts and knee pads took care of that!)


What I wasn’t too thankful for was the lack of wifi!

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Oh well – plenty to catch up on now.


It’s nice being back to reality after a week, and feeling a bit more normal today after a day of travelling.


Yesterday I woke up feeling so stiff, achy and a bit MEH!


So I had a good stretch in the gym and decided to have a GREEN day.

(I also put my parents through a sesh after telling them off last week – I’ll tell you about that tomorrow)


I made my way through 4 Green Smoothies yesterday and I’m definitely feeling the benefits of it today.


Some people get a bit put off by seeing something so GREEN so I decided that the first recipe I’ll share with you is a great one for beginners.

So I present to you the Very Pretty


Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie

Choc mint smoothie

Choc mint smoothie


3 Romaine Lettuce Leaves

1 Handful of Spinach

Half a Medium Avocado

6-7 Sprigs of Fresh Mint

2/3 Cup Coconut Milk

Few Ice Cubes

1 Tspn Cocoa


Blitz all the ingredients apart from the cocoa in your blender until you reach your desired consistency (I had mine quite thick), pour half into a glass. Next, add the cocoa to the remaining half and blitz again, pour into the glass to create a layered effect.

Enjoy immediately.


Fancy giving it a go?

Try it, Snap it and Let me know what you think!

Keep fit & fab!

Tara x

p.s As it’s Monday and you should be feeling super motivated to eat clean, you may want to download another 60 clean and yummo recipes from my eBook. Click here to Download it now.

Tara Hammett