I won't forget you too - Tara Hammett

I won’t forget you too

Some firm but fair words were said this morning.
I posted a video in each of my groups on
Facebook reminding everyone of what they need to do.
The same goes for you too.
Here’s a few of the posts I’ve
seen this morning
“Mmmm back to it? Why did I ever stop??
Yummy pancakes for breakfast”
“Sorry been awol all week,
has been crazy busy and I haven’t been
‘fitting my oxygen mask first’ as you say Tara,
therefore feel like I’m starting all over again this week”

“Right, not had a good weekend food and exercise wise.

Didn’t plan properly and allowed myself to be encouraged to eat rubbish.

Lots of travelling and not enough water and now I’ve got a rotten coldĀ ????

Back on it and will smash this last week, need to get my head in order”

Same for you?

Choose a take-outĀ over a healthier dinner?

Choose to drink a bit too much alcohol and ate your way through

a hangover?

Choose to stay up later and wake up tired the next morning?

Choose to skip a workout and now you’re off track?

All these weekend decisions can be enough to sabotage all your

efforts during the week.

So it’s back to the Monday self talk you did last week.

Start again, back on the wagon.

It can be hard making good decisions on the

weekend and VERY EASY to give excuses as to why you did it.

But who’s going to get the results for you?

The sooner you get out of the merry-go-round mindset

and keep repeating the same thing, the sooner you’ll actually

get towards your goals.

Get a plan, do it, stick to it and get help.

Notice a pattern to what I keep saying?


Get the support.

TONIGHT I’m gonna talk more about how

to stay on track with my LIVE VIDEO at 8:30pm

and i hope you tune in and say hello live.

Ask me questions

Get involved.

Don’t just lurk in the background, watching but not

doing anything.

Even if you make the effort to say HELLO

so I can say hello back, I’ll know then that what I’m doing

is helping to keep YOU motivated and inspired.

If you’re in any of my groups on Facebook get involved TODAY

and if you want to feel motivated to lose 9lbs like Sandra did…


Keep it going and get towards that body you want.

Ooh and whilst I’m at it, I’m gonna be accountable to you.

I’m on a mission too….

So I’m starting my own PERSONAL 6 week

body plan TODAY.

Weight, inches, before pics DONE…..

I’ll show you in 6 weeks time my results

if you show me yours. Just make sure you

put the effort in not the excuses!

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S I’ll be using recipes from here in my 6 week plan
  • February 22, 2016