I didn't expect this from you - Tara Hammett

I didn’t expect this from you

I’m sure many people wouldn’t expect it.
A bit nervy.
It’s my first seminar tonight and
I’m feeling it.
“You’re gonna absolutely nail it”
Is what my friend said last night.
I hope he’s right.
It’s easier to say it when you’re not the
person feeling the pressure.
The boot is on the other foot this time.
My friend had an important presentation
last week that he was feeling nervous about.
He was prepping and working hard
for it and going over all the things
that may possibly go wrong.
“You’ll be amazing, You’ve worked
so hard for this….you’re incredible at what you do…
they’ll be so impressed by you”
They were the words that I said to him
to reassure him he’d be OK
That whatever happened, he can only do
his best and he’d handle it.
And he did.
He did a great job.
The boot is on the other foot now.
I’m the one with the anxiety.
I’m feeling a bit vulnerable.
“What if hardly anybody turns up?”
“What if everybody turns up?”
“What if everyone hates it?”
When we do something brand new,
Something that means a lot to us for the first time.
Something we want to so so well at
It’s normal to have these feelings and thoughts.
We’ve all felt vulnerable at times,
but it’s getting up,
being courageous and
just doing it which is the most important
step you can take.
This is the only way you
get what you want.
YOUR body of your dreams
YOUR lifestyle of your dreams
YOUR happiness you desire.
All of these scary thoughts
can lead to the BEST moves
you ever make.
Imagine I was TOO SCARED to
hold this seminar..
Worried about what may happen.
What is someone doesn’t like it
Someone doesn’t turn up
(Their loss – lol)
I wouldn’t be sharing some
great advice on how YOU can change your life.
Imagine you didn’t put your trust in
me to try one of my weight loss programmes
to change your life because you were nervous and
you didn’t know what to expect.
You would risk missing out
on getting what you want.
Maybe you’ve been doing that for months.
Following me for some inspiration in
emails YET you’re still in exactly the same position as
12 months ago.
You have to take the leap and
go for it.
Making changes and
reaching for what you want will mean doing new things
or things that scare you a bit.
You’ll need to take risks and
do things for the first time.
You’ll need to realise that
you’re feeling vulnerable, but
when you take some action you
grow, make progress and the fear soon disappears.
Like I’ve just said
Taking risks will make you nervous,
a bit scared a little anxious.
But trust me,
you’re not the only one that feels
like this when you’re doing something unfamiliar.
If you want the body,
lifestyle of your dreams,
you are going to experience the apprehension of trying something new.
Don’t let the fear hold you where you are…
the more you face it and take action,
the more you’ll become confident with making
something happen for you.
So many times we say,
I WISH I’d done that sooner…
it wasn’t so bad…
if only I could….
Feeling like this is not weakness,
it’s where we show our courage
and take on risk.
I’m prepared to
face my fears,
because I know from much experience that
when I’m doing something that scares me and takes me outside
of my comfort zone, it soon becomes one of the best experiences.
So whilst I sit here typing away this
email feeling a bit on edge, I already can’t wait to send you
tomorrows email saying how much I loved it!
I hope!! lol
If you’re coming tonight…I can’t WAIT to see you.
And if you can’t come along,
I can’t WAIT to tell you how
awesome it went.
^^ If you’ve just decided last minute you
want to come….Hit the link and register!
Take Action Gorgeous!!!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I may read that back tomorrow and realised I’ve
babbled for Wales….I”m gonna blame the nerves
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  • January 27, 2016