I didn't EAT my Frog! - Tara Hammett

I didn’t EAT my Frog!

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Today I’m inspired by an awesome email I had from Helen all the way in Florida so today’s topic is about getting stuff done.


Are you making the most of your time?


Are you a top procrastinator?



Helen asked me how I manage to squeeze everything in and do I have any tips.


Yes I do.


And I follow them and practice as much as I can


But I don’t always get it right, because believe me,

I can be THE most distracted person ever!

(Squirrel syndrome –

one thing grabs my attention and I’m like What? Who? Where? )


I’m a massive FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) –

I want to do everything and be everywhere with everyone,

which may not always help me keep on top of things.


My friends call me ‘Jigsaw Brain’ as I’m missing pieces of my memory as I try to cram so much in I get totally forgetful.


But the fact is we all have the same amount of time,

but it’s all about what we do with it.


Heard the saying, ‘Time flies, but you’re the pilot?”


Today didn’t go to plan….as you may be able to tell. My morning email has now become an afternoon email.


So this morning I planned doing some personal stuff first thing, rather than worky stuff because my jobs were building up and I thought I could send my email whilst in the hairdressers, smoothly move on to my Personal Training client, have a little me time then be ready for afternoon meetings about the Fitness EXPO


I was wrong…. I always know it’s best to do my work routine first but today I didn’t do it.


This is how it went..



So I got on with my bits in the house, 8 chicken breasts went in the oven, so When I am rushing / on the go / walk through the door totally hungerballs, I’ve got a quick and clean supply of instant munch on.

So that saved a bit of time in the future whilst I got on with stuff!


Good so far.


Then in the hairderssers I got chatting, time was going on,

I was almost going to be late for my client

So three of us were pulling the foils out,

I quickly dry my hair to get to my client on time,

1 hour later, I’m back in the hairdressers having it cut,

then I’m flapping to have a quick meeting about filming new videos

and now I’m late sending my email!


So that’s planning for you hey!


Maybe I’ve fallen for the Friday feeling…but I’m usually better!


So on that note – We all don’t live in  a perfect world but hopefully these top tips will help you feel more productive, get more stuff done and

have more time to chill with people that make you happy!


So this it what I try to do:



My Workouts: They’re short, they’re intense but I’m done in 12-20 minutes. My sessions are effective, I do them 4-6 times a week and they’re just like the workout videos in the TARAnsformation programme, with a few sprints in the mix.


Batch cook meals – just like my 8 chicken breasts this morning. Make more. Cook 4-6 protein wraps / pancakes instead of 1 for now, chop up all your salad in a big bowl rather than just what you want now, Make a big stew / curry / Bolognese and freeze portions so you can heat up and eat in minutes.


Avoid wasting time on Social Media: It’s so easy, to jump on Facebook, next minute you’re browsing through Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp and next thing – you’ve wasted half an hour. Granted we all need to have some switch off time, but make a time for that and don’t do it 3-4 times in the day. How many times have you already done this today????


Here’s a test ( I know everyone doesn’t do this but…)

Have you ever said “I’m so busy!’, ‘I haven’t got time!’   ????


Fair enough to say.


Now be honest….have you also ever said this..


“What level on Candy Crush are you on?’


“ Can you believe blah blah in Eastenders”


^^^ Enough said!^^^


Make sleep a priority: I go to bed early. 9- 9:30pm is my usual time as good quality sleep is much more important to me than some reality TV programme. That way I wake up refreshed, energised and ready to focus on my day. That extra hour or two can make all the difference with your decisions the next day.


Set an early alarm: Weekdays I set mine for between 5- 5:30. Yes, that does sound crazy but I can get 1-2 hours work done before anyone else thinks about texting, calling or phoning me. (Well, maybe a minor distraction with my friends in Oz and Singapore but I can cope with those)


Fierce Focus: Airplane mode – the phone goes off. I’ll set timer and I’ll work full on for 45 minutes, take a 15 minute break to put kettle on, have a breather, then get back into it. I make lists and tick them off as I go.


Prioritise tasks: I will always have a million to do’s, and if I didn’t – I’d go looking for some. But, I prioritise my tasks. Choose 3 things that really need doing, get them done and then I can chill or move onto whatever’s next.


I read this fab book called “Eat the Frog”, basically this means very often we try to resist doing some big tasks that appear to be time consuming or hard work and put them off. So set yourself a task – out of everything you have to do in that day whichever is the worst – do that first. So if eating a frog was the worst thing you had to do in a day, do it first! Everything else will be easier! (In the book it also says if you’ve got to frogs, eat the ugliest one first!)


Listen to podcasts or audio books. When travelling, walking or training these are brilliant for learning, feeling motivated or inspired. Sometimes it’s nice to switch off and listen to the radio but if you’re travelling for a few hours a day make it worthwhile.


So on that note…..I hope you have an awesome, yet productive weekend!!


I hope those tips help!


Keep fit & fab





Tara Hammett