I can’t do it alone, I keep failing - Tara Hammett

I can’t do it alone, I keep failing

I'm sure thousands of women can relate to this.....

"Hi Tara,

I emailed you back in September with help to lose weight. I joined your 7 day detox not long after and I lost 7lbs and felt amazing from it. However, since then I have tried to make healthier choices and exercise regularly but I cant stick to anything so here I am again. I came to your seminar in Feb aswell. That was fab and I learnt a lot but I haven't put anything into practice...mainly because it has been easier for me not to(in a way of not planning or prepping meals). I'm interested to join your next 6 week plan. How much is it?

I need help and support. I can't do it alone, I keep failing.

Thank you"

You start something,

Do great,

Feel amazing,

See results,

Feel like you've learned a lot - so try and stick to the principles and go it alone.

What could be so hard - you know what to do now, right?

The problem is, when you try this way....you miss out on the accountability.

The planning slips,

You run around after everyone else and put yourself last

You're gonna 'start again Monday'

It's easily done and before you know it...you're back to square one - or nearly there.

When it comes to success with your body and health change it's going to take a few important steps to get there.

YES - we know we've got to move more:

Do something you enjoy

Stay consistent

YES - we know we've got to eat well:

Healthy balanced meals most of the time

A little of what you fancy some of the time

YES - we know we've got to work on our mindset:

Accept it takes time

Embrace our body and have belief in ourselves

BUT - How do you keep at this?

Get support and guidance to keep you accountable

Invest in yourself

So far this year I've seen MANY women return to the Taransformer plans.

They did fantastic when they were putting themselves first,

but after realising how hard it is without support - they came back.

This is all fine, I get it. We've got to do what feels right for us, but if I can give one piece of advice right now


You are THE most important person.

For you,

Your family,

Your happiness,

Your health.

To be the absolutely BEST version of you, you absolutely must put yourself first.

Learn to love yourself

You deserve the best.

Making change is not easy and we're all only human,

things won't go in a simple, straight line but when you load yourself up with support,

instantly things do seem easier.

You become more motivated,


You feel excited and your energy goes up.

IT makes you feel more alive!

So...like Rachel...Do you need more help and support?

Do you struggle on your own?

Keep failing?

(BTW - you're not failing. It's hard. It's all lessons. Learn from the lessons)

So in response to Rachel, the 6 Week Body Plan is just £54 for everything.

ALL the 12 min workouts you need to tone up all over and save on time

ALL the recipes and gorgeous food you need to help you feel satisfied, full and LOVE your relationship with food.

ALL the support, help & guidance you need

ALL for only £9 a week!

Do you deserve to invest £9 a week in yourself?

Would you pay £9 a week if I told you I can help you feel soooooo much better?

Flipping eck...£9 a week?

I've no idea how much it costs to turn up at a community centre to step on the scales ( Don't focus on just this!) and the go off on your own, but this is such value for money!

A Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach with you EVERY DAY!

Everything you need every day for 6 weeks!


^^ Click that link to join the plan now.

This plan starts just after Easter - Perfect timing!!

(and just incase you're planning ahead..it takes you right up to 13th May - I know a lot of holiday will be coming up then)

Any questions like Rachel?

Email me

  • March 29, 2018