I ate my advent calendar in 1 day - Tara Hammett

I ate my advent calendar in 1 day

Did you see that?
Honest…when I say to everyone I
CANNOT COPE with chocolate in the house.
I mean it!
I lasted 1 day
There it was, looking all
lovely next to me.
I opened Day one, then
Next thing..the mini
Reindeer for Xmas eve was gone too.
Now…I’m not telling you this as
a reason for you to
go and eat yours because
‘Tara did’
I want you to know we all have moments
where we lose control.
Willpower disappears and you kinda come to reality
when you’re swallowing the
LAST mouthful.
Bit late then isn’t it!
Now what I will say is,
I hadn’t long done an extremely
tough leg session in the gym.
I also did a 12 min HIIT with a client later in
the day.
And once I’d done it,
I didn’t write off the whole day.
I got back on point at my next meal.
And now my calendar has gone,
So no more temptation for me in the house now.
If I want a clean treat I’ll be
opting for one of my chocolate recipes from my
chocolate eBook.
(Which TBH, I won’t be the rest of the week,
because I’m out with the TARAnsformer
Christmas party on Saturday and there will
be cocktails)
I’m not going to come up with any excuses for why it
happened or blame anyone but myself.
We’re all responsible for our actions and
the small steps we do daily to
get to where we want to be.
Today already I’ve done my
mindset reading.
I made time for it – only 10mins.
I’ve got meals prepped and my eating
will be supporting my goals.
I made time to do that as it’s important I have something
to grab quickly on my busy day.
I’ve got my workout planned
for later in the day and I’m meeting a friend.
So I’ve made the time and I’ve kept myself accountable to another
person – again…making time to do something that will help
me towards my goals.
Even though it’s that busy month
of the year have you planned small steps
to keep you on track?
The Party SOS team are and you can be doing the same too.
Today I’ll be sharing the workout I did yesterday
on my social media.
You could plan to try that
(This one would actually take about 30mins)
You can dedicate just 12 minutes of your day
to a quick HIIT to tone your body ALL OVER
and feel tighter quite quickly ready for your Christmas party
My DVD is there.
You can grab it NOW.
Download it and do it TODAY
or you can get it sent in the post ASAP
(This will be an AMAZING Stocking Filler
so get hinting)
One of my lovely clients bought one for her
28 year old daughter yesterday.
The 28 year old daughter who
hasn’t got time to exercise, but wishes she
was more toned.
Know anyone that moans a bit about their weight
and could do with a bit of Tara Time?
There’s another SIMPLE Christmas
present sorted there.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
p.s All those who have asked for the recording of my webinar…..I’ll
get it to you later today. think the chocolate took over my brain
yesterday and i forgot…or ran out of TIME <<<Excuse BTW . LOL xx
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  • December 2, 2015