How To Keep Yourself Motivated to Lose Weight - Tara Hammett

How To Keep Yourself Motivated to Lose Weight

How To Keep Yourself Motivated to Lose Weight

Creating a Sunday goal setting plan is something I do each week. I would recommend you do too. This time you set aside for yourself is going to make all the difference on how successful you’ll be for the rest of the week.

Plan Ahead
Each week aim to do a meal plan, organise when I’ll realistically get my workouts in and list all the other jobs I need to do.

Food & Exercise Diary
Recently I got myself a great little personal food and exercise diary. It’s such a fantastic tool as it’s already outlined areas to focus on and record. Things like exercise, how much water or coffee I’ve drunk, even how much I’ve laughed. These areas all help with our mindset, motivation and happiness. It’s a simple tool to help you stay on track. I got mine from the shop Tiger in Swansea and it’s a fantastic tool to use to help you stay accountable, track your progress and lose weight.

A lot of people want to lose weight but all they do is just think about it and don’t do anything about it. Getting a diary or tracker can be a great first step towards working towards your weight loss goals.

Get A Whiteboard
Another great tool that you can pick up easily and keep in view through your day is a white board. I keep one on my desk and have a magnetic one on my fridge. You can easily draw up a table, make a little tick box for some simple habits like working out, drinking water or going to bed early and make sure you ‘Don’t break the chain’ this will help you stay motivated with daily tasks as you like to see a tick in every box.

Dedicate 15 minutes to you once per week.
Setting aside a 15 minute planning time on a Sunday is brilliant. You can get your thinking cap on about all the things you’ve been putting off or wanting to try and actually make plans to start it.
Right now you may be wanting to try something new like yoga or getting a slow cooker to try one of my recipes. Whatever it may be, you just need a little bit of accountability, a little bit of inspiration and something set out for you to follow. Get organised and once you’ve made a plan it can take the weight off your shoulders and help you feel less overwhelmed about losing weight.

Try Something New
From reading this I want you to feel inspired. Even if you just get a pen and paper and write down something you would like to achieve over the next 7 days which will be realistic. This may get you a little bit excited about actually doing something and not just thinking about things. Now you will be taking action on your daily habits. Pursuing them and when you do something like this week by week consistently you stay on track. Helping you see those weight loss results.

The key is prep. Choose what will be the best way for you to get organised and stick to the plan. You can make weight loss easier, it all starts with how well you plan for it.

Tara Hammett