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How To Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track

How to get your weight loss back on track

Hey, I’m back in the game after signing myself off for a few days. I was getting tired. Overthinking and telling myself I had so much to do. Getting a bit overwhelmed and thought…..”I need to take a time out”.  So that’s what I did for a few days and that’s also How To Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track as well.

My other half  had the weekend off so we took complete advantage and did lovely relaxing things. We went for a beach walk with Danny, my little boy,  looking for sticks. On top of that I’ve also been:

  • Catching up on some reading
  • Having a few lie ins and catching up on some sleep
  • Some good food
  • Chocolate (but not too much)
  • A day of total relaxation

Planning for Weight Loss

We also sat down and did a seven day plan which we’re going to follow for the next 4 weeks. Workouts are planned – we’ve just got to do them.

Meals are planned – we’ve just got to do a little prep and enjoy them. Stretching is planned – tight muscles are going to be worked onI know many are feeling a bit like this from the Summer holidays.Lots of us need and want to get back into routine and regain a bit of focus. Right now, if you feel just like me and need a bit of direction and a bit of -‘YOU’RE GONNA BE OK’ here are 5 tips on how to get your weight loss back on track.

1) How To Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track by Taking Time Out

We look after the battery on our phone better than we look after ourselves. If you feel like you’re a busy fool, getting nowhere, rushing around feeling like you’re getting nowhere and just completely exhausted. STOP! Prescribe yourself a few days taking it easy. plan some relaxation where you can. Swap some workouts for ‘feet up’ sessions and let your body re charge and do it’s thing. Even for 2-3 days, it’s better than nothing and burning yourself out

2) How To Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track by Writing a 7 Day Plan

Whilst you’ve got your feet up and chilling, get a notepad and pen and write stuff down.What do you want to achieve with your body, your lifestyle, your food, your job, your house?Get some plans in black and white on what you will do for yourself each day. Stick it on the fridge and look at it regularly.This will remind you multiple times a day of your goals and what you need to achieve them. You’ll have a far better chance of doing your tasks and getting what you want with regular reminders.

3) How To Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track by Focusing on one habit at a time

There may be lots you want to change, but to give yourself the best chance of changing a habit forever you need to focus on one habit at a time.It takes disciple to change at first, and does seem like hard work but after deliberate practice it will become easier and soon, it will be something you do naturally.

  • Do you need to improve your breakfast?
  • Drink more water?
  • Drink less coffee?
  • Move more?

Decide what your focus is going to be and just work on that.You’ll also find that when you just focus on one habit, the ripple effect naturally makes you put some effort in other areas. Trying to get everything done in one go = overwhelm then giving up. So pick one and just focus on that.

4) How To Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track by Prioritising the most important stuff

The truth is that many people’s time is spent doing things that really isn’t all that important. Leaving many of us neglecting what we need most. Give yourself 3 main tasks to do a day and do them as early as possible.We need a bit of willpower to do this stuff…but will power runs out.Do your tasks first thing when your will power is at its strongest and anything else in the day is a bonus.

5) How To Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track by Asking For Support

Ask for help! I know I repeat this a lot, but it can often be something people are afraid to do. I’ve had to do it a lot the past few weeks. I’m getting more help with my business,  so the things that I wasn’t very good at and didn’t like doing are now going to get done better and concentrate on stuff that”s enjoyable. Plus getting more help at home . Chatting with Deaks, my other half, and explained how I’m feeling and what I need more help with at home and with Danny.

Being open and both talking about our feelings was so nice. It makes you feel close and more of a team (although I’m sure I’ll need to kick him up the butt in a few days – lol).We can’t do everything, all of the time, all on our own.Get support, have a rant and make it easier for yourself. A ll of these things have been essential for me the last few days and I feel like I’ve got my sparkle back.

  • I’ve got things to focus on,
  • I’m going to make it simple for myself,
  • No Pressure
  • No Stress
  • Just do the best!

If you need a hand getting any of this done, you can reach out to me in my free Facebook group.

Healthy Habits

This week in the plan we’re going to be focusing on Mindset. Whilst we work on all our healthy habits, our brain workout is going to be the focus over the next 7 days. Do you feel like you want to be more in control with your thoughts? Feel more positive and put things into perspective?

Be happier and more optimistic.

Join in with Mindset week and get your head in the game and in control straight away.

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  • September 3, 2018