How to Change Your Life and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals | Tara Hammett

How to Change Your Life and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

So many of us will ‘start again’ every Monday to get back on the diet to lose weight, but each week – what are they really learning and working on to change their improve their life?

Repeating the same, restrictive meal plan is not going to do it. If it didn’t change you permanently before, it won’t do it again.

Wishing and hoping isn’t going to do it either.

If we want to change we need to learn, grow and challenge ourselves.

Take weight loss as an example. Doing the same things, following the same diet plan over and over will just get you the same results as you did before (but dropped off as it wasn’t sustainable and you didn’t learn anything different).

If you don’t learn something new, you can’t produce a new outcome.

To change your lifestyle, transform your body and become happier + healthier you’ll need to improve your knowledge.

Learn more about good nutrition.

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Educate yourself better about the importance of exercise & daily movement

(it’s not just to burn calories).

Discover the importance of sleep and weight loss

(there’s a reason we feel hungrier and graze through the day when we’re tired from a lack of sleep)

Adopt daily practices for stress management, improving your mental health and

Investing in your relationships.

(all the key to our happiness).

Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating less and the routine of stepping on the scales once a week (or even daily for some!).

You need to learn to improve your perspective and behaviours.

Your thinking and habits are what’s got you where you are now, but you can change what you do and change your life when you work on improving yourself.

If you want to become a BETTER version of yourself

You need to really work on YOU with PURPOSE.

Push your limits and get out of auto-pilot mode.

When you learn what to do to change, you own it.

It’s you.

Always in you, so you can take action on what you know and do what you need again and again as a lifestyle.

Work on yourself daily, it’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

You are #1

Tara xx

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Tara Hammett