How Sarah Lost 53lbs and 50inches - Tara Hammett

How Sarah Lost 53lbs and 50inches


and this all started with one little step and one little week with me

and now look!!

Look what happens with consistency
Eating real food and NOT dieting
Doing your BEST and not trying to be perfect

Read Sarah’s story here, Just goes to show that if Sarah can do
it YOU can do it!!
“My name is Sarah,
I’m 41years old,
I have three children, 14, 9 & 6,
a partner, (my 4th child) and
I work three days a week in a specialist teaching facility in a school!

I love my job, it can be stressful at times but I wouldn’t want to do anything else!

My life is pretty hectic!

My eldest son plays basketball locally, nationally and internationally!
I am often out up to four nights a week with him
and on weekends for his training and game playing!
As he plays nationally/internationally we often travel long distances for him to play games,
so fast food used to be a regular thing for us, 3/4 times a week!

My weight has gradually crept up over the years, and since Christmas 2015,
I had reached my heaviest weighing 19 1/2 stone!

I wouldn’t tell anyone how much I weighed, not even my partner!

I have tried many diets over the years,
always lost weight, thought great I can do this now,
and then slowly I’d put it all back on, and more!

In July 2016, a friend of mine told me she was attending
Tara Hammett’s seminar in The Dragon Hotel,
she knew I wanted to lose weight and asked if I wanted to go!

I was away at the time but decided to come home a day early and see what it was all about!

My best decision ever!

After listening to Tara and some of her Taransformers
I decided immediately that I was going to invest in myself for once!

I’d never question spending money investing in my children,
so for once I decided to invest in me!

I booked a place on the Life Taransformer 12 week group, which started on 1st August!

I made notes of my weight and measurements and then started the first week,
which was detox week.

I was absolutely dreading it as I hadn’t gone one day without
Coke or coffee for 9 1/2 years
(I tried giving it up while pregnant on my second child but failed miserably)!

I won’t lie, the first week was really hard for me,
for the first two days my head was really fuzzy,
then came the aching!

OMG I thought I was seriously ill!

Tara and Louise kept me going and said it would ease!
I didn’t sleep properly for three nights as my legs were awful,
didn’t know where to put myself!

I was determined not to give in and boy am I glad I didn’t!

After the first week, I’d lost 13.5 pounds and 10 inches!

I couldn’t believe it!

As the weeks went on I continued losing 2/3 lb every week!
And the inches were dropping off too!

But it wasn’t just the weight loss that was beneficial,
the mindset reading we were encouraged to do really helped me change my attitude to life,
and to look at things more positively!

It has improved my family life too,
we now have far more quality time together.

I also used to get migraines regularly, at least one a week,
now I may get one every two months.

The support from everyone in the groups was amazing,
and this is what was so different to anything else I had tried in the past!

The help, support and encouragement is there every day,
not just on weigh day like most groups!

By December 2016 I had lost 53lbs and 50 inches!
12 inches had gone off my waist alone!

I still have just over two stone to get to my target,
but I’m so confident this time that I’ll get there!

I have not stopped doing any of the normal things
i.e. Going away with friends,
eating out,
taking the children for pizza,
enjoyed eating and drinking during the holiday season,
and managed to do all that and still lose weight!

I even managed to climb a mountain, Pen Y Fan,
and that was after I’d lost just two stone!

I’ll be setting myself some new goals for this year,
and know with the support of Tara and Louise and all the girls in the groups that I will reach them!

I’m a taransformer for life now!”

What more can I say?

My advice to you is do what Sarah did:

#1 Remind yourself of WHO is going to change you…’s YOU, only YOU!

#2 Take the first step….contact me

#3 Invest in yourself

#4 Spend 1 week with me on Detox Week
It opens TODAY and we start on Monday.

Sarah lost 13.5 lbs in this week alone! What do you think you could achieve?

One way to find out….

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S Any questions at all about Detox week or concerns? Email me – I’ll answer them asap.

P.P.S Week 40 and 2 dayS…..still no Baby Deaks

  • January 7, 2017