How many MORE times do I have to say it? - Tara Hammett

How many MORE times do I have to say it?

I use the scales as a tool
for monitoring PROGRESS
with Lifestyle Change
I celebrate with so many when they
lose weight.
I tell you regularly
how well so many of my clients do
with their weight loss
It is not the be all and end all.
Do NOT determine your SUCCESS
by the number on the scales.
I use it as a tool
amongst other measurements.
You will also
see me congratulating clients
on the inches they lose.
On the dress size they DROPPED
On the SPARKLE in their eye because
they’ve just had ANOTHER compliment
And my fave
When I share a story about someone
looking after THEMSELVES FIRST…
especially at hard times and knowing that
the small steps helped them stay STRONGER
and more POSITIVE.
Just after I finished the
Live TARAnsformer Class yesterday
Morning I caught up with Donna & Lou.
We talked scales talk.
The day before one had been on a set of scales
which said she was 56 in age…nearly 20 years older!!
How would you feel after that?
And the advice from
the personal trainer….
Ah – drink more water!
First up – ridiculous claims like that
can be devastating and IMO dangerous.
We’re all a little worried about how we look, feel,
our weight etc…and then to be told our metabolic age
is 20 years more because of a stupid set of scales which
knows NOTHING about the person stepping on them
can have devastating effects.
I’m sure many would think
‘Well…If all my hard work isn’t doing
me any favours then F@*k it…I’m
having some wine / chocolate”
All because of some
IDIOTIC advice!
Honestly, I haven’t been on the scales
since December.
My weight does not define me.
I KNOW I’m strong, healthy,
my clothes fit and a feel good.
I too could get caught up by them –
so I don’t use them.
And unless you can use them sensibly,
once a week MAX and use them as a tool
alongside other ways of measuring success
then stay well away.
Like I said to the girls,
I am probably a lot heavier than I look
but I’m made up of better but heavier stuff
(toned muscles BTW)
And whilst the
scales may have been VERY RUDE
the truth is, this TARAnsformer,
is looking amazing!
Her waist is TINSY!!
She turns up at EVERY Live TARAnsformer
Class each Monday and Friday
The classes last 25mins and I use
the PROVEN ways to help you
DROP fat, tone muscles and
get results FAST
Ooh…..and before, during & after
we all share stories
of what we’ve been up to.
I give tips on what to eat
We all SUPPORT each other in
the EXCLUSIVE online group
I help you look YOUNGER than you really do.
(All you need is a mirror to
prove it…not some stupid scales!)
If you want to join in the application is HERE
Tomorrow I’ll tell you
about what i said to Lou about
weight watcher and slimming world
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S The Personal Trainer with the dodgy scales also said
I promote and approve Herbalife……I DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I promote REAL food!!
If you can’t do it 365 days of the year….don’t do it!
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  • August 4, 2015