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why Start Your body transformation Journey with Me?

Over 1000+ Successful Body Transformations and Still Counting

Get Toned FASTER

I know you're busy. With workouts from only 12 minutes long, you can easily fit your body toning workouts into your busy day.

Daily Support 

Give up too easily on yourself? Our support group will help you feel reassured and confident you're doing the best to get your results, plus daily encouragement from Tara and all the girls who are just like you. 

Nutrition Plan and 7 Day Menu's

As your nutritionist, I have designed recipes and menu guides so you know exactly what to eat, reduce bingeing and have total freedom eating what you enjoy.

What's Included in Your 28 Day Body Confidence Plan

  • My delicious and super easy to follow nutrition plan.  I have designed all the meals to help you feel full, reduce cravings and enjoy the foods you love (yes, we have carbs, chocolate & wine!), while losing weight and improving your relationship with food. All the meals are fast and perfect for those days when we 'can't be bothered'.
  • 4 live and interactive online group personal training workouts per week with me.  This is more than just a follow along class. This is having your own personal trainer in your living room. I will be able to see you and guide you through your workout, whilst keeping you accountable and super motivated. Get consistent with your workouts for the first time and watch your body transform and feel stronger.
  • Reassurance and guidance with 4 live lifestyle coaching sessions that take place each week.  During the  coaching sessions I will reassure you (we all have doubts), answer your questions and give you clarity so you keep on going knowing exactly what to do to reach your goals.
  • Become part of our supportive and friendly community of like minded women for the next 28 days and we'll show you how you can start your transformation journey and have fun at the same time with a whole team of lovely girls encouraging and inspiring you.

Here's What You Can Expect From My Total Body Confidence Transformation Plan

  • Transform from stressed, stuck in a rut and fed up of dieting to healthy, confident and full of energy.
  • Boost your body confidence so you're excited about wearing clothes you have always dreamed of.
  • Feel your best ever and love the new version of you......so you never look back. 

Meet Tara Your New Transformation Coach


I'm  Tara Hammett 

My Name is Tara and I've been helping Ladies transform their bodies and mindset with my simple to follow fitness and nutrition system for over 21 years. Over the next 28 days, I'll help you get started on your journey, feel fully supported every step of the way and show you how you can get in great shape and start transforming both your body and your self confidence with my simple to follow Life Transformer Plan.

What Ladies Are Saying About My Program

When Deb joined the Life Transformer Plan, little did she know at that time, even with the doubt in her mind, she was about to start the journey of her life and literally achieve her dreams since she was 16.

“I've achieved more than l ever thought possible. I'm amazed at the way l look and feel and l love this version of myself. I feel fitter and healthier than ever before...except for some achy bones occasionally. My sleep and stress levels have improved hugely too. I have a zest for life and for new adventures in my 50s ( nearly 53).

What I'm truly grateful for is finding Tara and having the support and inspiration of the girlies who will be lifelong friends. I'm still at my "lightest weight for 5 mins"… l'm technically at my goal weight but l keep moving it.. I’ve lost over 4 stone in the last 2 years...gone from a size 18-20 down to a 10-12. and the time has flown...l can't imagine or want to live any other way...its not always easy get up early and eat right but it's worth it! xxx”


Lost just over 40lbs, dropped dress sizes and feeling fitter

Lorna wanted to change, her 50th birthday was approaching and she wanted to feel 50 and fabulous.

Lorna has lost just over 40lbs, dropped dress sizes and feeling fitter, more energetic and rocking the 50’s club

Gorgeous, glowing, confident and loving her best life. Loving the process, making fabulous friends and only looking forward.

This is no ordinary before and after, this is a Life Transformer happily ever after-after


Sarah has turned her dreams and wishes into reality 

“ I have lost 2stone and developed consistent daily habits that have made me,
stronger and fitter from the regular exercise.

I have more energy. I am eating more nutritious food. As a result I feel better in myself. Nothing will stop my MS flare ups but When I do get them, I noticed I am recovering more quickly, and I believe it is keeping my MS at bay.

I feel happier and I also feel I cope better with stressful situations. I’m definitely stronger in mind and body and feel more confident.

I’ve dropped a dress size and now I enjoy choosing and wearing clothes to suit my new shape Xxx”


Ready To Get Started on Your Body Transformation Journey

Places are strictly limited and time is limited so click on the link below to find out more info on how to get started and not miss out on this opportunity. This plan will change your life - and I will be with you every single step of the way.