Holiday SOS …Your plan ACT NOW - Tara Hammett

Holiday SOS …Your plan ACT NOW

This was the message Sarah
sent me…

I went and tried on some bikinis for marbs
and I tried on some of the high waisted ones on
which are all in fashion now,
and thought they would make me feel better
coz least they hold a bit of my belly in
but I have been really good with my
eating and haven’t done any exercise in ages.

One thing I noticed though is
the tops of my legs have gone really bad.
My arms and that have gone smaller but
the tops of my legs are just flabby and
I cant be going to Marbs like that.

What’s the best exercise for
getting rid of that top leg fat
(I have no thigh gap)
and tone that area?

I need to focus on working that area
can you give me any tips/help?

Now i know LOADS of people
that are going to be thinking EXACTLY the same.

Hen weekends, holidays
with families already
filling you with DREAD.

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Trust me,
I know that pressure feeling!

SO…my biggest bot of advice is

Holidays will start around May, which gives you
about 8 weeks to get
beach body confident.

So here are some quick

1) Nutrition is
You need to lower your
carbs (the bad ones, and just have good
ones like I show you here)

2) Get revving your engine up
so you burn more calories daily
with metabolism BOOSTING,
full body TONING workouts..

3) On that note: set yourself a task…
Change your daily alarm to wake you JUST 15 MINUTES

4) Eat protein at every meal
(I’m gonna talk about this in todays
podcast and how my Sister recently lost
5inches from her waist after a bit of
a change that I recommended for her)

5) Dedicate 10 mins a day to
reading one of the books I recommend
(This will help your hormones and
get you burning more fat, rather than locking it in)

** I’ve got a brand new video explaining
this in my next 21 day program**

6) Get accountable…I’m sure much of
what I could tell you isn’t new to
you…however…what are you doing to
get what you want??

I know….feeding yourself
full of B.S Excuses!!!

Think those excuses are gonna
tone you up so you feel like a bombshell
on the beach??

It’s time to take action now

^^^ if you want it, please take action NOW ^^^

I’m already blown away by the
fact that it’s March already……
I will be Marb’s O’clock before you know it….

Keep Fit & Fab

Tara xx

P.S Loads of beach body recipes will be in the program for you on Monday when
we start, including my ‘to die for Mint & Mango Chicken Wrap’

Holy Squat it’s good!!!

Tara Hammett