Hip fat – how to lose it! - Tara Hammett

Hip fat – how to lose it!

Hope you had a fab weekend!
There were plenty of treats in mine,

  • Few drinkies
  • Choccy
  • Eating out

All good and all part of a balanced lifestyle.

Just how it should be for us all with to over thinking or guilt.

Today is the first day of the latest 6 Week Body Plan and it's all aciton & excitement in the group.

We've had some fantastic results reported too

Sarah has lost 1 stone 2lbs, 13 inches, compliments rolling in, isn't finding it hard (in fact said it all makes sense) and she is loving herself (and the plan).

Elizabeth has lost a stone and gone from a size 14 to fitting into a 10!

Happy Happy

Enough stories for now,
It's podcast time.

One of the girls recently said to me she really wants to work on her mindset and thinking better but hates reading, so whether you like to read or not, here's an alternative

My Podcast

Click here to listen to this weeks show

It's only 11 minutes long and may just be the tonic you need to feel insired and motivated today.

On the show me & Badger talk about:

  • How to lose weight from your hips
  • How to stay more positive and motivated without reading
  • How to lose weight when you're already eating clean but not losing weight....can we eat even cleaner?

Got a question for the show?

Email me back and We'll answer for you.

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  • June 25, 2018