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HELP! I want a baby! My top health tips for PCOS

I had a great question from a lady recently who really wants to lose weight and try for a baby, however suffering from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Thyroid problems she is struggling.

So I’ll give you a quick outline of what may be the best action to take.

When offering advice about PCOS, It’s important to note that every woman is different, will respond to action differently and experience different results.  Just as we all look completely different and respond differently to tips/advice/theories – the same would be said for the approach to healthy hormone balance and PCOS.

PCOS is a very complex condition, but I hope my tips here will help you understand a little how you can improve your health, weight and stress management.

Firstly, many think that this is a condition only overweight people suffer with – however, lean people can too as a result of hormone imbalance from stress.

When stress is mentioned it’s important to note than you may not necessarily feel like a stressed out person but your body can be stressed metabolically and your stress hormones can still be very high, even though you may feel like you’re getting on with things.

PCOS is believed by professionals to be caused by an imbalance in hormones (We’ll talk lots about hormones over the next few weeks when I cover Thyroid and Menopause), and you can get this whether you’re overweight or not. This imbalance may be due to several factors:

Excess Estrogen

Excess Insulin or

Excess Stress hormones.

It is believed the main reason for PCOS in someone who is overweight is thought to be insulin metabolism. This can be addressed through diet and exercise.

In lean women, the chronic stress/tension of too much exercise and dieting is suspected as a reason. Continued metabolic tension can lead to disruption in hormonal signals resulting in thyroid, adrenal and ovarian issues.

However, just to confuse matters, insulin resistance can occur in lean women  too. So here you need to look at lowering the effect of excess stress hormone production (i.e. cortisol), as well as insulin and estrogen production.

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS the chances are you’ll be taking some medication, but you can certainly help the situation by following these top tips:


DIET: If you’re overweight – follow a lower starch / sugar meal plan – just like I guide you through and advise on in my 21 day weight loss program. This will help with the insulin levels in your body; help with weight loss and working with the aim of balancing your hormones (as well as improving your nutrition, energy & health)

If you’re lean – focus on balancing your meals more and add a small amount of clean carbohydrates to your meals. This can be good for serotonin levels in the brain.

EXERCISE: If you’re overweight – start looking at making your workout sessions more effective by using resistance training in addition to light cardio like walking/swimming/cycing.

If you’re lean – cut back on the tough cardio sessions you may be doing and swap them for some resistance building which is awesome for your shape and tone plus add in some more relaxing walking, yoga or pilates. This is great movement but also fantastic for relaxation and reducing stress levels.

STRESS: Drink holy basil / tulsi tea – this has long been used to treat stress naturally. The herbal tulsi tea—with a taste similar to cloves—delivers nature’s most sought-after adaptogen. Adaptogenic herbs help the body naturally cope with stress. (I really like this – it tastes a bit like chai tea – yummo!)

Take time out – make sure you plan something really relaxing in your week and not feel guilty about it. Set a day & time regularly for a hot bubble bath, a walk and chitty chat with your friends, a relaxing spa treatment.

LIFESTYLE CHOICES: Reduce further estrogen exposure by avoiding things like plastics, coffee, pesticides, oral contraceptives & dairy.

I hope this gives you an insight into what you can do and also show you that even though many may join my 21 day program for weight loss, looking good and feeling more energized. It is also an incredible tool for really improving your health and stress through the best type of exercise, nutrition and having daily support and answers to improve your lifestyle long term.

If this has helped you, I’d love to hear from you!

Keep fit & fab


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  • January 28, 2014