Hello from holiday!! - Tara Hammett

Hello from holiday!!


How has your week gone?

I’ve been a bit AWOL as I’ve been manic busy working, packing, travelling and settling in to my first family holiday with my boys in Lanzarote.

Just like you life is busy and I’ve just felt totally tired, moments of stress and overwhelm and we decided it was time for rest and relaxation. So we prescribed ourselves 2 weeks in the sun.

This is part of the balance of life and exactly what I would recommend anyone do.

Whilst life has never been easier with everything at hand, it can often feel so tough and making the best choices often difficult.

To exercise or stay on the sofa watching TV

To eat healthy or eat junk food

To make the effort to meet up with loved ones or bail and stay in.

The thought of all the things you have to do to lose weight, get healthy, feel happy and love your lifestyle can paralyse you into doing absolutely NOTHING.

But a little of the nicer things are just as important.

Many believe you have to train HARD, turn up every day with ‘BEAST MODE SWITCHED ON’, but it’s not true. All the stress of too much exercise can have a dramatic effect on your stress hormones and your body holding onto tension…….however once you chill out, relax, accept you need days off, nurture and pamper yourself, this is where you can see some serious changes happen.

It’s the same as the food you eat. Thinking you have to live off boring salads, green veg and force yourself to eat a ‘chicken, broccoli & rice’ repetitive diet can leave you running for the goodies. Again this can have negative effects on your metabolism and willpower as it’s just NOT sustainable. So again, a little of what you love will do you the world of good. You relax a little about healthy eating and realise it can be a lifestyle and NOT a diet.

So this is what I’ll be doing over the next 2 weeks and sharing a few snippets on my social media.

We’ll walk and plan some 12-15min workouts, but we’ll also chill in the sun and get some sleep in

We’ll choose healthy food from the buffet, but we’ll also indulge in some desserts and a few beers & wine

We’ll switch off from work, but we’ll also tune in (The beauty of what I do is I absolutely LOVE it and I get so much pleasure from what I do – like right now)

And one huge and ultimately important thing we’ll do is be grateful and keep in touch with loved ones.

The most important thing for all of us is our health and happiness.

It’s NOT all about being as light as possible to be as happy as possible. Look after yourself physically and mentally. Respect your body and your life. As they say, the greatest wealth is health!

We find happiness within us and with those we love so much, so I’m going to share one little tip with you today…..be grateful for your health and share love & appreciation as much as possible.

Have a wonderful weekend and spend it with those you care about and look out for me

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I’m reading a great holiday book which I’m sure will inspire me to share some golden nuggets of motivation and inspiration

  • September 29, 2017