Guess who's going on Holiday?!?!?! - Tara Hammett

Guess who’s going on Holiday?!?!?!

OMG I’m so excited for this.
As soon as it was booked me and my man agreed we’re on a mission to feel our absolute best.
Bikini Body mode is on and guess how I’m going to make sure I feel and look the best I can?!
I’m doing Detox Week
This is 100% what I would recommend to anyone that wants to
Kick start weight loss
Lose the belly bloat FAST
Drop pounds and inches
Feel healthy and get energy back.
Yesterday the group opened and today we’re getting ready, prepping and getting ready for kick off on Monday.
Gemma posted this in the group yesterday:
“Here I am (again)
I’m going back to basics and starting fresh. When I first joined Tara I started with Detox week and lost 9lb, I continued and lost 53lb.
Then baby number 2 came along and a million excuses. I am so angry with myself and hugely disappointed.
I rely on coffee and wine (on a daily basis) I’m worried about my health as well as everything else.
So here I am, starting fresh, no more excuses and lots of determination. I have to do this. X x”
Relate much?
She’s done it before and she can do it again.
losing 9lbs before was AMAZING and using this week as the kick start to losing 53 lbs!!!!
Gemma has had A MILLION EXCUSES – which is fine.
She knows it (like many do)
So whats she gonna do now?
It’s action time
It’s detox week time
It’s get the body time
You may not be going on your holiday soon, but you may be thinking you need a kick up the butt.
You need to get back to routine after the Summer hols
You need to get into shape before Christmas gets here.
and if you’re one of those people that needs to eat food because you ‘Can’t Cope’ with dieting and starving, then get onto the ‘eat plenty of food plan’ and join me and the team.
You’ll see every single day what I’m doing to make sure I tighten the last bit of baby bump and do just the same.
Here’s the link
I’d LOVE to see you in the group and help you set a goal, lose pounds and inches and feel excited about spending the next week with me.

Tara xxxx

  • September 17, 2017