Grrrr FRUSTRATING - Tara Hammett


I won’t mention any names as I wouldn’t want to drop my friend in it but

we were having a chat about how fab she’s done following my advice.

She said she was getting lovely compliments from the girls she was with when they were out having a few drinks last weekend. They all asked ‘HOW HAVE YOU DONE IT?’


She did what she said she was going to do and said how brill the programmes have been for her.

‘Right, that’s it. We’re joining on Monday. We’re gonna do the same!’

Only thing is…..they didn’t.

The said they were going to do it

They want the results


they’ve missed one vital step

Taking the FIRST STEP.

The difference in you and your body this week compared to next week is

what you do over the next 7 days.

Some have started.

They’ve planned lovely meals,

prepped them,

taken pics of them and asked my what I thought.

They’re taking action in the detox group,

but so many didn’t.

They didn’t do anything but still want to lose weight.

Doesn’t that sound like the craziest thing….to let a great opportunity pass you by.

An opportunity you’ve been looking for

An opportunity to change how you feel and get something you want to much.

The problem is, some people believe it may be too hard,

too much like hard work.

Well one thing is for sure.

Don’t complain if you’re not going to do something to change.

However if you’re up for

Eating food that looks yummo and tastes yummo

Eating out in restaurants

Doing just 12mins of exercise to smooth your thighs and help flatten your belly

Doing something new and meeting some lovely ladies along the way

Do something now

If you want to lose all those excess pounds and be proud of yourself here’s your opportunity.

The 21 day programme opens Friday and I’m looking for the next group of girlies ready to lose weight and feel proud of themselves.

Here’s the thing….I WANT TO HELP YOU.

I want you to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF!

You just need to follow my little tips.

Reckon you could do it?

It’s only £30.

You’re worth that to spend 3 weeks with me and feel amazing at the end.

Or you could think you’re not spending £30 on yourself yet slowly spend that £30 on coffee’s & treats and junk on the weekend. Then wish you’d done something.

Believe in yourself and achieve the change you want to see in yourself

✔️ THE 12 MIN WORKOUTS to get you toned FASTER

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  • June 28, 2017