Great News!! - Tara Hammett

Great News!!

Two its of great news actually...and a fab story

  • I'm not in plaster - woo hooo....Dr said I've just got to be careful for a few weeks and do some exercises once my swelling has gone down - YES SIR!!!
  • The 6 week body plan is now open.

If you want to join in with the most enthusiastic, motivating and successful weight loss & body change plan

Do NOT miss this opportunity.

We open the doors on Saturday.

You'll have some very simple tasks to do to make you feel ready and in control, then we start on Monday.

As I shared yesterday, Alyson lost 17lbs in the programme and is already signed up and excited to take on her 2018 goals.

Next I want to share the journey of Emma (Who's looking gorgeous above)

Throughout the 6 week plan Emma had many 'non-scale' victories.

Here's what Emma said:

"I lost a stone in 6 weeks, and got into not just my first but also my second goal outfit!
The biggest thing I gained though was an understanding of the fact that change needs to be long term, doing something for a few weeks doesn't stick but 6 weeks helped me feel like I should keep going if I slipped up.
Plus, the support from the girls was invaluable.
I feel like we're a tribe together, all working together to get to our goals, it's brilliant."

Emma shared some photos in the plan. One of the trousers she'd put on that were too small and she couldn't do up....then a few weeks later THAT photo of the button done up and zip fastened lovely.

Much more important than the scales alone!


Emma had a little ambition.

She always dreamed of standing up, entertaining in front of an audience so she turned her thoughts into reality and went along to her first open mic stand up comedy event.


Her dreams became reality.

She overcame her nerves, took the risk and LOVED IT

Not only has she lost weight and dropped a clothes size, she has found confidence and is loving her energy and new 'get up and go for it' mindset.

What dreams do you have that you wished you had the confidence to pursue?

Try Burlesque dancing ( Maggie did and she loved it)
Go along to a dating event
Enter a race or challenge

...or even, have the confidence to walk into any room and not feel worried or paranoid about what people may be thinking of you?

Either way

This is exactly what this programme is about

Losing weight
Getting fitter
Feeling more gorgesous
Finding the real you
Gaining more energy
Waking up each day happier and enjoying everything you do more

All of these things are completely in your control

You've just got to STOP THINKING and start DOING.

You may have thought a lot in 2017, what did you achieve?
What do you wish you did that you didn't?

Don't make 2018 a year you'll look back on and wish you did more for yourself.

^^ Click here to join in and get excited for what we'll be doing this weekend.....and the next 6 weeks

I'm so excited for 2018

I want you to be too

  • January 3, 2018