Goodbye for now - Tara Hammett

Goodbye for now

I’m on the road again.
And  took a bit of last minute prepping and planning and
I wondered if it would be worth it.
But I thought I’d go for it anyway.
I’m off to meet some epic business people
That I’m in a group with.
We’re all being mentored by some
Brilliant guys that are helping us to grow and
Achieve our goals.
For years I did it on my own with
Help from some friends, but it didn’t get me
Exactly where I wanted to be.
It took me Longer
I also would be TOO SCARED to take
RISKS and push my boundaries.
So today.
I’m taking a risk.
I had some last minute stress of re-juggling my days.
But I thought…STUFF IT,
I’m going for it.
I’ve got nothing to lose.
So I’m investing in myself for the
Next two days LEARNING from people
That know better than I do.
Now, I don’t expect you to
Get on a train, change your plans and
Spend two days with me
To help you achieve your body goals
But I do ENCOURAGE you to
Do something DIFFERENT for yourself.
You want to change your body or lifestyle?
I CAN help you.
Instead of making MISTAKES with your meals…
Learn from me and my recipes.
Instead of taking LONGER to tone up…
Do it fast with my 12 minute workouts.
Instead of being scared to TAKE RISKS and
Do something to make you feel HAPPIER and more
Optimistic that you CAN do whatever you want….
Do your MINDSET workouts with me.
ALL of this is in one place for you.
So many are loving it and as part of my
Inner Circle you
CAN achieve the body and lifestyle that is now
^^ Just click on that link above to see if you think it’s for you.
If not, you haven’t lost anything.
You can just keep doing what you’re doing and
getting what you’re getting maybe??
Keep Fit, Fab & Risk Taking
Tara xx
P.S On the road means eating out. OMG..thats my diet out the window!!
Oh…hang on…no its not! I’ll share with you tomorrow how
I survive on the road again!
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