Glamour Goddess losses 48lbs!! :-O - Tara Hammett

Glamour Goddess losses 48lbs!! :-O

Pop the kettle on for this
one, I couldn’t shorten it because it’s all
such a fabulous story….

Get ready to be inspired again…

Kelly’s story:

“I am still bouncing around feeling amazing from
Sunday and continue with my commitments and losses
(another 2lbs off so far this week).

I know this is a bit lengthy but wanted to get across where
I was when I started that very first detox and the impact Tara has had on my life.

I remember saying on the phone that I wanted to be fitter,
healthier and a good role model for my daughter
well I finally feel like I’m making a difference….
I can’t really remember the exact date that I first started following
Tara but like many others I had signed up for her free daily emails
and had even bought her recipe e-book
but I can honestly say that I hadn’t once tried a dish…

But what I do remember is that it was
28th April 2014 that I enlisted the help of Tara
after stepping on the scales and realising I had hit 17 st 4lbs.

I remember being so upset that Id let myself go that much.

I had finally reached the tipping point and knew I had to do something.

I signed up to Tara’s detox program and decided enough was enough.

The plan was so easy,
fresh healthy foods,
plenty of choice plus some help to address your mind set through the week.

What was great was being in the group with others feeling exactly the same,
looking the same and we used one another to get through the week.
At the end of one week I had lost 11.5lbs.

I was thrilled!

That was just the tip of the iceberg for me, there were so many more pounds to lose.

So straight off the back of the detox I did the 21 day program and loved it.

Fantastic clean versions of so many favourite recipes,
from pizza to clean choc bars, curries to soups…
Again great support from Tara and the group and I made progress.

My issue wasn’t so much sticking to the nutrition plan…
I was mastering that whilst on the program but
what I was struggling with was my routine and fitting in the 12 min workouts.

When I see this down in black and white it seems
ridiculous that I struggled to find 12 mins
but with having an 11month old and having returned to work it felt impossible.

I lost 10lbs over the 3 weeks and
honestly can say I didn’t do as much as I could have,
I made my excuses for the workouts.

Was I happy? Totally as I had lost all those pounds.

It was from that point onwards I thought
“right, I have the tools, the knowledge, I can do this by myself”!

I booked a family holiday and made a plan to keep clean eating
and to try and exercise and I did stick to it…
for a while, then the holiday was over and winter was on its way
and before I knew it pounds were piling on again.

I’d gain weight, panic and then think right detox time,
get back on it,
lose the “gain” but never much more!

It was just before December last year
that I was watching the plans come out, detox, party sos
(by Tara’s daily email- I still read them every day)
and I was thinking I need more than a quick fix….
Something wasn’t clicking for me,
I was seeing it as a diet and program not lifestyle change.

Then Tara went and did it,
she released info on the Life TARAnsformer programme.

It took me a few weeks of stewing on it before
I emailed for an application.

What I didn’t ever expect was to have such an emotional reaction to filling in the form…

It made me call myself out on all the BS excuses
I’ve been making for years and made me really look at what,
where and who I want to be!

The form was followed up by a phone call from Tara
who confirmed I needed to address my mindset
if I was ever going to get to grips with myself.

I was accepted into the program and
started preparing mentally for the kick off in January!

Straight away I saw the difference in the programs,
this wasn’t about Tara giving us recipes, nutrition plans or workout videos
(every single one of us already had them all).

This was about Tara challenging our mindset, attitudes and
(sometimes/well probably often)
lame excuses and getting us to examine our own behaviours,
what triggered the behaviour,
the positives (that woman can find a way of flipping everything)
and lessons learned.

The program taught us the value of making commitments to ourselves.

Lying to ourselves or cheating is probably the easiest thing in the world to do
and this process of making excuses sound viable in my head is
what got me to over 17st in the first place!

My journey is far from over but
I have lost 27lbs and 22.5 inches since starting the Life TARAnsformer programme
in January…
So that’s 48lbs in total
and it’s all down to Tara’s programmes.

I am still not quite where I want to be yet
but I am well on track and not just because the scales tell me a number,
I feel differently!

I have regained my confidence
but also have established new routines which include
the valuable ‘me’ time I was missing.

I have a much happier outlook on everything
and have exceeded in areas (such as work)
that I didn’t really set out to target but because
of the very nature of the programme it’s had an impact on every area of my life.

My relationships have improved and my stress levels reduced.

I cannot thank Tara enough for her relentless positivity and support.

I have developed friendships with the other
lifetaransformer that have also played a huge part in the progress I’ve made…

To have the programme rounded off with the photo shoot was just amazing;
the chance to get together in real life with Tara and meet the rest of the group
and be feeling so great was the highlight of the year for me so far!

Thank you so much…….

Tara Hammett