Frogs for brekkie? Lose 3 stone though........ - Tara Hammett

Frogs for brekkie? Lose 3 stone though……..


This jet lag is a bit of a pain isn’t it.

Didn’t make the gym this morning.

Alarm went off, three times, and
I stayed there. Being awake from 2-5am wasn’t part of the agenda
when I planned my morning session, so it’s a later one for me.

So far this morning I’ve been catching up on being AWOL for over 24 hours.

Emails, inboxes, texts, planning meetings, unpacking,
washing, food shopping…..

There’s always something to do and some of these things
I could really do without.

But as I’ve said before


(Heard that?)

Well…basically, during your day there’ll be tasks you need to do.

Like mine I’ve popped above.

Sometimes, there are some things we really should do,
but we resist them and don’t really want tot do them
BUT they’re often the tasks that will make us more productive and
actually achieve more.

The things we know we should do but we do lots of little,
low return tasks instead.

Yes they need doing but they could probably be done another time and
don’t help us prioritise.

One way of helping us get done what we need is to eat that frog.

So what this means is, out of all the jobs you’ve got to
do in a day…do the worst one / the one you’re resisting the most first.

So if one of your tasks was to eat a frog… it first.

All the other tasks would be really easy then.

Here’s maybe an example for you.

You want to lose weight
Tone up
Like your body
Feel healthier?????????

You know you’ve got to do some work.

Hard work

BUT instead each week you choose the easy tasks.

The ones you kinda know.

You cut back a bit but still have some treats
You do a bit of exercise that you like

Doing all the similar, easy things each week…but they get you nowhere

When really, you know you should eat that frog.

You should step up and do something you’re resisting.


You need to invest in something that makes you a bit nervous as you haven’t
done it before but you can see so many others have and they’ve done amazing.

But something stops you because…well…

You just don’t know.

How about feeling like Suzanne who

“achieved more in 21 days than I have
doing anything else and now I am 3lbs off losing 3 stone”

She did what she needed to do.

Showed up
Signed Up
Did the Work
Lost almost 3 stone!!

Well……imagine AND take action!

We’re opening up the 21 day challenge to a BRAND NEW TEAM
and I want you in it.

I want you to be the next success story.

Maybe I want it more than you do?

Well….I’m back in the game after a break. So I know I’m gonna be wearing my
big girl pants and getting the team the results.

You in?


Keep fit & fab
Tara x


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  • June 24, 2016