Free 7 Day 12min HIIT Challenge - Tara Hammett

Free 7 Day 12min HIIT Challenge

Need some motivation and ready to take on another TARAnsformer Challenge?

Have you already got my DVD and not doing anything with them??

(If you haven’t, download yours now right here )
Claire emailed me yesterday and admitted she’s WATCHED them…..and that’s it
(soz Claire 😉 ha!)
Getting up and getting a quick workout done can be hard.
A few extra minutes in bed or a chill in front of
the TV is much more appealing.

You know you should do it really……but where is the motivation to do it??

Starting Monday I want to encourage you to do at least 12mins of exercise each day.

Reckon you could commit to 7 days with a bit of support & encouragement from me and the rest of the girls????

If you’re already in the free Taransformer Group on Facebook – get in and comment on my post with

“I so need this – Tone me up Tara”
…and if you’re not already part of the community, join in here
You’ve got the weekend to decide if you want to tone up or not.
Then we start on Monday!

This 7 day challenge is quick & simple and just getting you to do a little bit for yourself.

Let’s get tighter & toned girlies ??❤️


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  • June 16, 2017