Transform Your Body, Overcome Binge Eating and Boost Your Confidence in Just 6 Weeks with The Fit and Focused Challenge!

Say Goodbye To Decades Of Fad Diets And 'Brand-New-Shiny-Plans' That Do Not Work And Get Excited To Transform Your Life With My Permanent Results Driven Nutrition, Exercise & Mindset Coaching Plan

Welcome to the Fit and Focused Challenge - your opportunity to finally achieve the body and confidence you've always wanted!

Over the next 6 weeks, you'll have access to my proven results nutrition and workout plan, live workouts and online coaching sessions. With my support as your Personal Trainer & Nutritionist and a community of like-minded women, you'll have everything you need to get started, keep going and maintain your goal.

With the Fit and Focused Challenge, you can look forward to feeling more energised, motivated and accountable. You'll lose weight, tone up, and feel stronger, all while creating life-long great habits and learning to trust and believe in yourself.

Don't let another day go by feeling confused about what to do, unhappy with your body and lacking energy. Start now and take control of your health and happiness.

Join us today and start your journey towards a happier, healthier you!

Inspiring Success Stories

Deb Drake

 “I've achieved more than l ever thought possible.

I'm amazed at the way l look and feel and l love this version of myself. I feel fitter and healthier than ever before...except for some achy bones occasionally. My sleep and stress levels have improved hugely too. I have a zest for life and for new adventures in my 50s ( nearly 53). What l'm truly grateful for is finding Tara and having the support and inspiration of the girlies who will be lifelong friends. I'm still at my "lightest weight for 5 mins". I’ve lost over 4 stone in the last 2 years...gone from a size 18-20 down to a 10-12.

and the time has flown...

l can't imagine or want to live any other way...its not always easy get up early and eat right but it's worth it! xxx”

Hazel Angus

Before joining Tara's plan I couldn't decide between new hair extensions or my weight loss dreams. I chose my dream and I'm so happy. I love how simple it's been to make small changes to my day and see such a dramatic change in my body and confidence. I'm loving the plan and keeping going! xx

Janet Williamson

“I weighed 18 stone in 2019 I decided 18 months ago something had to be done, as I was in agony walking. Tara and Life Transformers came into my life. Gave me the guidance, encouragement, to turn my life around, in 18 months. I am know a confident, fit, happy 60 year old wearing a mini dress. I walk miles, lift weights, work out, and enjoy life. And have no pain, my life is brilliant. And nearly forgot....... 6 stone lighter.”

FINALLY achieve the health goals you've been dreaming of for years and transform your life with the Fit and Focused Challenge

Simple and easy to follow nutrition plan and coaching from an evidence based nutritionist.

Discover how to achieve your weight loss goals without starving yourself or fad diets. You'll improve your relationship with food, learn to trust yourself and eliminate food guilt and demonising food whilst knowing exactly what to eat to get the best results.

Quick effective Body Toning workouts

Tara's workouts are designed to be quick, easy to follow and created with the best exercises to tone and strengthen your whole body. Tara's Zoom workouts mean you will be held accountable as she can watch you and guide you and help you stay consistent. It's time to get fitter and LOVE wearing your clothes again.

Unlock the potential of your mindset

Understanding the power of our thoughts is crucial to behaviour change. Tara will help you change your habits, improve your behaviours and help you become the person you want to be.

What's Included in Your 6 Week Fit & Focused

  • Live & On Demand Workouts - Never miss a workout with our smart approach to exercise. Join in live where Tara will guide & motivate you or catch up with on demand fitness videos you can stream at the most convenient time for you in the comfort of your own home.
  • WhatsApp Daily Support & Accountability - With a community of women, just like you, it's easier than ever to stay consistent and not give up on yourself with daily check-ins with Tara and the team. 
  • 4 Live Coaching Sessions Per Week - Get the best guidance from Tara with weekly topics, ask questions, get clarity on what you need to do and understand how to make long term change and never go back to old habits that don't work.
  • Binge & Emotional Eating Support - With Tara's expert guidance and understanding on the psychology around food you'll be supported to overcome binge & emotional eating to give you freedom around food and improve your physical & mental health.

  • Wide Range of Workout Options - Keep yourself motivated with a variety of workouts including Train with Tara, Pilates, Yoga and Self Defence Sessions.  
  • Delicious Inspiring Meal Ideas - Access to Tara's complete recipe collection which shows you how to make quick, easy, nutritious meals that taste delicious, help you reach your goals and minimal mess! 7 Day Menu guides are also available to help you with structure and balance.
  • Private Facebook Group - Become part of the community and receive daily support from the Life Transformer girls in the private Facebook support group and feel like part of a team to help keep you motivated and inspired.
  • Life Transformer Plan - Access to the full Life Transformer Plan which has been specifically designed for women to lose weight, boost energy, and build body confidence.

 Your Pathway to success

Your Simple 3 Step Plan to Getting in Shape


Register for the 6 Week Fit & Focused Challenge
Take the first step on your journey to a better relationship with your health, fitness, diet and your body   


Follow the simple plan.

Discover how to eat, move and improve your mindset to allow you to achieve your goals in a healthy sustainable way


Look and feel amazing.

Reveal the best version of you with lots of energy and motivation.  Feel proud of yourself become an inspiration to those around you


I have been helping women for over 22 years, to change their lives.

If you are like many of the women I have helped, you probably find you have a thousand tabs open in your brain.  All of the things you need to do, leaving you stressed out looking after everyone else, and leaving nothing for yourself as you're left on the bottom of the pile.

I completely understand! You have probably started many diets, maybe some of those have worked initially in the past, then before you know it, you find it's too hard to maintain and you give up on yourself, leaving you feeling useless.

You may have even started to think this is the way it is, you're the way you should be and that you should stop kidding yourself.

^^^ This is NOT true!

I can you show you how take the first steps, understand what you need to do to achieve your health and fitness goals and keep going! 

  • I will show you how to enjoy your food and that no food needs to be off limits. Yay!  
  • You will discover how to make quick, easy meals that taste amazing and leave you feeling full and not constantly picking & grazing.
  • Finally understand how to overcome binge eating and take control of emotional eating.  
  • Learn how to fit exercise into your busy life, and how short workouts can deliver results fast.
  • If you've struggled with exercise, I will help you enjoy it so you don't look at it as a chore or punishment and you love how it makes you feel.

Start your journey to the best version of you today!


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Real Ladies, Real Transformations

Sarah Watts

“ I have lost 2stone and developed consistent daily habits that have made me, stronger and fitter from the regular exercise. I have more energy. I am eating more nutritious food. As a result I feel better in myself.

Nothing will stop my MS flare ups but when I do get them, I noticed I am recovering more quickly, and I believe it is keeping my MS at bay.

I feel happier and I also feel I cope better with stressful situations. I’m definitely stronger in mind and body and feel more confident.

I’ve dropped a dress size and now I enjoy choosing and wearing clothes to suit my new shape Xxx”

Lorna Connelly

Lorna wanted to change, her 50th birthday was approaching and she wanted to feel 50 and fabulous.

Lorna has lost just over 40lbs, dropped dress sizes and feeling fitter, more energetic and rocking the 50’s club

Gorgeous, glowing, confident and loving her best life. Loving the process, making fabulous friends and only looking forward.

Tara's Mum!

Aww My Mum! She's always been gorgeous, now in her 60's she's stronger, fitter and more confident than ever.

My mum joins in with our morning live sessions and have helped her save time and be the most consistent she ever has with exercise as it's so easy to do at home. Super Proud of you Mammy! xxx

Don't let another year go by without reaching your fitness goals. 2023 is the year for you to invest in yourself.

Take the first step and sign up for the Fit & Focused Challenge now!


You missed out!

Register Now for Just £97 (RRP £147)