**The Final Programme - Open Now** - Tara Hammett

**The Final Programme – Open Now**

This is the last chance you’ve got this year!
The Programme That Can Help You Lose Up To 11lbs (Like Sian did), by eating loads of REAL Food is back and OPEN NOW
Detox Week is Here.
How are you going to spend the rest of your weekend?
The usual weekend habits of Goodies To Guilt?
‘I deserve this’ to ‘I wish I hadn’t pigged out’?
Detox week starts this weekend and I want you
The first set of tasks are ready.
We’ll be spending this weekend facing facts and getting our stats.
Dress Size
Do you know any of yours?
I’m looking forward to the team getting excited, introducing themselves and getting motivated to take ACTION!

♥ Hundreds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats – so you know exactly what to eat and can choose whatever you fancy whilst still losing weight.

♥ Exclusive access to Tara and support from overwhelmed people JUST LIKE YOU.

♥ Inspirational videos, shopping list and meal plans so you know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and feel MOTIVATED all the way.

♥ Access to a private Facebook group so you can get encouragement and support from the group, along with accountability (as well as showing off yours tasty meals and post workout pics!)

This programme is suitable for EVERYONE

I’ve had questions from new mums, breastfeeding mums, vegetarians, people that do not know where to start….this is one of the BEST ways to start to eat healthier so you get your energy back, lose weight and feel like you’re in control of feeling happy.


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