FINAL CHANCE: 21 Day Programme News - Tara Hammett

FINAL CHANCE: 21 Day Programme News




The Life Taransformer 6 week girlies and

The 21 day team are getting ready.

Today is prepping and planning day.

To know how successful something is you need to test and measure…so we’ll be weighing, measuring inches, getting fave outfits out, taking those ‘before’ selfies and getting ready to start tomorrow

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(Some will share this info in our private group and some will keep it to themselves – both are fine)

Caroline has introduced herself (She’s excited as this plan is her birthday present)

Kellie has got stuck in asking about recipes (She’s excited as she lost 9lbs so far in detox week)

Karen is looking forward to it – NEVER done it before!


Are you going to join us?

Last month Emma lost 13lbs and 14.6 inches from her body.

Gemma lost 11lbs and 2.5 inches from her waist alone.

You can achieve the same too!

If you haven’t done it before and want a little reminder…….


♥ 12 minute home workouts – so you can tone your whole body quickly, at home, whenever it suits you. For each exercise I also show an easier version so you can work up to the more advanced one at your own pace.

♥ Hundreds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats – so you know exactly what to eat and can choose whatever you fancy whilst still losing weight.

♥ Exclusive access to Me & Lou and support from overwhelmed people JUST LIKE YOU.

♥ Inspirational videos, shopping list and meal plans so you know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and feel MOTIVATED all the way.

♥ Access to a private Facebook group so you can get encouragement and support from the group, along with accountability (as well as showing off yours tasty meals and post workout pics!)

Reserve your spot NOW

The 21 day program RRP £55. For YOU only £30-registration closes TODAY!

Tara xxx


You need to take action NOW

Tara Hammett