FIGHT your cold FASTER - Tara Hammett

FIGHT your cold FASTER

I’ll be careful how I answer the next time someone asks me if I’m ever ill.
Last Wednesday Beth asked me, “Are you ever ill Tara?’
Nah, I said.
…….. 1 week later
#achooooo #sniff #gah #SOS
Well, I’m not that bad, but I’m about 7/10.
What has that meant for me today?
I cancelled my morning workout,
I cancelled my lovely Personal Training clients,
I went back to bed and I’m currently writing this email in my PJ’s.
So, I thought I’d use my dose of ‘Man-Flu‘ to inspire todays inspiration.
I have been asked before what is the best thing to do when you have a cold, so here’s what I follow and would recommend.
#1 REST : Whether you planned a workout or not, whether you’re on a weight loss mission or not, pushing yourself through a tough workout when you feel under the weather is not going to help you. Your cold may last 3-7 days, so just accept that these things happen and use the time to get some much needed rest and have a WORK-IN instead. Put your feet up, read a book, watch some TV and don’t feel guilty.
Exercise is meant to enhance our health and pushing yourself when you’re immune system is down and you’re tired is only going to delay your recovery. As your cold is easing, a nice walk, wrapped up warm will be lovely. Some nice fresh air will do you the world of good.
So if you want to get better faster – REST HARD!
#2 HYDRATE: You soooooooo need to keep sipping through each day. This morning I had a hot lemon water with a teaspoon of manuka honey. This is comforting, hydrating, tastes good, the honey helps to
coats the throat to soothe irritation and is rich in infection-fighting antioxidants. It also spurs saliva production, which can help thin out mucus. This really is a hug in a mug when you need it most.
#3 EAT RECOVERY FOOD: Time like this may make you want to choose things like toast & biscuits, but your body is screaming out for nutrition. Your immune system need a boost and you want to supercharge it as much as possible. Whilst the thought of a salad or green veg may not be too appealing, a hot chicken & vegetable soup or a nice comforting stew or chilli will be great for giving you fighting fuel.
(You can see my breakfast buffet from this morning. I couldn’t be bothered to do much more than chop this morning, so I had a nice little buffet 🙂
The main thing about times like this is not to feel guilty.
Don’t worry about the household chores….they can wait
Don’t worry about your ‘health mission’, taking time out is what you need and you’ll be better and back at it in no time.
Don’t get down in the dumps. We could all ‘DO WITHOUT THIS’ but sometimes the universe has a way of slowing us down and chilling out.
Tara xxx
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Cold or not…this is happening!
  • September 20, 2017